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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services


Data Set Inventory

    The N.C. Division of Aging and Adult Services is required by State statute (G.S. 143B-187.1A) to complete annually an inventory of data sets that are relevant to aging research, policy and practice. Below is a list of data sets that have been identified by state government agencies, some universities, and a few other entities. We welcome additions and corrections to this list. The Division's contact person is Suzanne Merrill. Those interested in such information will also want to visit the

    1. Department of Health and Services

    2. Other State Governmental Agencies

    3. Colleges and Universities

    4. Other





Department of Health and Human Services
  1. Aging Resource Management System
  2. Area Mental Health Programs
  3. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
  4. Careline Agency Index
  5. Certified Adult Day Care & Adult Day Health Programs
  6. Communicable Disease Morbidity Statistics
  7. Divorce Data
  8. Electronic Services System for Services for the Blind
  9. Eligibility Information System for Social Services Programs
  10. Family Supports and Relationships of Older Urban and Rural Migrants in North Carolina
  11. Food Stamp Information System
  12. Hospital Facility Data
  13. Kidney Dialysis and Pharmaceuticals Program Data
  14. Low-Income Energy Assistance Program
  15. Marriage Data
  16. Medicaid Paid Claims
  17. Medical Examiner Statistics
  18. Medication Error Quality Initiative (MEQI)
  19. Migrant Health Program Services
  20. Mortality Data
  21. N.C. Central Cancer Registry
  22. N.C. Psychiatric, Alcohol Rehab and Mental Retardation Centers
  23. Nursing Home Licensure Data
  24. Refugee Health Program Data
  25. Register of the Blind
  26. Services Information System for Social Services
Other State Governmental Agencies
  1. Crime Statistics
  2. Current Population Survey
  3. Decennial Census--Public Use Microdata
  4. Decennial Census of Population and Housing
  5. Inmate Records
  6. Log into North Carolina
  7. N.C. Driver History
  8. N.C. Driver's License History Master File
  9. N.C. Motor Vehicle Accident File
  10. Probation/Parole Offender File
  11. State Economic Security Agency Automated Management Systems
  12. State Retirement System
  13. Statistical Data on Veterans
  14. Weatherization Household Data
  15. Yearly Population Files
Colleges and Universities
  1. Caswell County Longitudinal Study
  2. Piedmont Health Survey of the Elderly
  3. Senior and Retired Faculty: Sources of Stress
  4. Western N.C. Retirement Migrants
  1. Carolinas Poison Center
  2. Medicare Hospital Discharge Data

Last updated May 2, 2014