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"Missionary" Sentenced for Stealing Identity of 77-Year-Old NC Woman

******Alert #189 ******

Task Force Member Jane Jones of the Cape Fear Council of Governments brings to our attention a press announcement issued by the US Attorney’s Office in Raleigh. The announcement, which appears below, concerns this week’s successful conclusion to an identity theft prosecution. The case involved a defendant who befriended and moved in with a 77-year-old Brunswick County woman, then cashed her checks and used her credit card accounts as if they were her own. An article giving background information on the defendant and the case appeared in the Wilmington-Star News. It can be found at




RALEIGH - United States Attorney George E. B. Holding announced that in federal court SANDRA CAMILLE POWERS, 63, pled guilty to aggravated identity theft before Judge James C. Dever, III.

On December 12, 2007, a federal Grand Jury returned a Second Superseding Indictment. In March 2007, POWERS was arrested by the Charlotte, North Carolina Police Department on warrants issued by the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office for various charges related to the unauthorized use of a credit card belonging to Sue Moseley, a resident of Southport, North Carolina.

A federal investigation was initiated that developed the following information. In September, 2006, POWERS moved into the home of Sue Moseley, a 77-year-old widow. POWERS had been introduced to Mrs. Moseley by Moseley's sister, Audrey Harrington. Mrs. Harrington had earlier been introduced to POWERS and had invited POWERS to stay temporarily in her home. POWERS represented herself to both women as Camille Bowers.

POWERS claimed she was an active missionary back in the United States between trips and in need of a place to stay before returning to mission work. An informal agreement was made between POWERS and Moseley; POWERS received room and board at the Moseley Southport home. In exchange POWERS would help with house chores.

According to the evidence developed during the investigation, POWERS became more involved in the management of Mrs. Moseley's business and affairs than Mrs. Moseley requested or wanted. It was determined that a series of unauthorized credit card charges and checks presented at a Bank of America occurred while POWERS lived in the Moseley residence.On December 5, 2006, January 19, 2007, and January 25, 2007, POWERS presented checks payable to Sue Moseley in the amounts of $350.00, $1,460.29, $609.28, respectively, containing the forged signatures of Sue Moseley.

POWERS, claiming she was going to visit her son in California, left the Moseley home when Sue Moseley went to visit relatives. Upon her arrest on March 2, 2007, it was determined that POWERS had been staying with a care giver of Audrey Harrington.

It was discovered that POWERS was in possession of documents, mail, gift cards, and credit cards that did not belong to her, including a JC Penney MasterCard belonging to Sue Moseley and letters addressed to Moseley in Southport regarding financial matters. Statements on the Moseley JC Penney MasterCard had been altered. Also found were color photocopy duplicates of the altered statements, mail addressed to Moseley and others that included bank statements, income statements and other financial information.

The investigation determined that POWERS' passport had expired in 2005 and that while she had gone on three trips with the Marilyn Hickey Ministries, she was not affiliated with Hickey other than as part of a tour group.

Official documents reflect that POWERS had been married four times. Other names used include Sandra Camille Powers, Sandra Powers Stegall, Camille Powers Bridewell and Sandra Camille Bridewell.

Investigation of the case was conducted by Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General and the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office. Assistant United States Attorney Gaston Williams is serving as prosecutor for the government.


******End of Alert******

Date: February 27, 2008

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