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North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services



    Service Operations Section

    This Section of the Division of Aging and Adult Services develops policies and procedures and oversees the operation of aging programs that focus on providing home and community services to older adults and/or their family caregivers. Program areas include in-home aide services, transportation, respite care, care management, information and referral, home health, adult day care and adult health, housing and home improvements, senior companion, housing, congregate nutrition, home delivered meals, and senior centers. This section has responsibility for certifying Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health programs on an annual basis, along with certification of Senior Centers based on state standards. This Section is responsible for overseeing, developing, and carrying out activities relevant to Alzheimer's Disease and caregiver support. The Section also oversees administration of the Title III-F Older Americans Act Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Program.

    The basic eligibility requirement for receiving aging services is that the person is age 60 or older or is the caregiver of a person who is 60 or older. No income restrictions apply, however, special consideration is given to older adults with the greatest economic or social need. This includes individuals with low income, the minority population, and elderly living in rural areas.

    Steve Freedman is the Section Chief of the Service Operations Section. His telephone number is (919) 855-3411. The following topics relate to the work of this Section:

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