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NC Department of Health and Human Services

2005 Memos to Division Directors

If you have questions please contact the Division of Budget and Analysis at 733-6396.

Memorandum Letter Number File Type
IRS Mileage Rate 12-22-05 PDF
Critical Budget Needs SFY 05-06 12-1-05 PDF
Critical Budget Needs SFY 05-06 Form 12-1-05 PDF
Public Notification of Funding Availability 11-28-05 PDF
Recurring Position Elimination Reserve 10-10-05 PDF
IRS Mileage 9-15-05 PDF
Certification SFY 05-07 Budget 8-12-05 PDF
Travel Subsistence Rate 7-20-05 PDF
Motor Fleet Mileage 7-18-05 PDF
Travel Subsistence Rate OSBM 6-28-05 PDF
Motor Fleet Mileage OSBM 6-16-05 PDF Ready NC Connect NC