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NC Department of Health and Human Services

2011 Memos to Division Directors

Memorandum Letter Number File Type
DHHS Open Window Grants Management System 2011-14 1.2 MG PDF
Severance Reserve Funding 2011-13 809 KB PDF
      -Position Eliminations Eligible for Severance 2011-13a 41 KB XLS
Grant Funding Consultation /Joint Legislative Committee on Governmental Operations (Gov-Ops) 2011-12 1 MG PDF
Administrative Efficiency and Position Elimination Reductions 2011-11 843 KB PDF
      -Position Eliminations and Administrative Efficiencies Spreadsheet Attachment 2011-11a 145 KB XLS
DHHS Strategic Plan Update 2011-10 95 KB PDF
      -Strategic Planning Guidelines OSBM Memo 2011-10a 52 KB PDF
Hurricane Irene Disaster Reporting Contact Person 2011-09 766 KB PDF
Open Window Navigation Guide 2011-08 89 KB PDF
      -DHHS Open Window System Guide v5 2011-08a 4 MG PDF
DHHS Open Window SFY 2010-2011 Fiscal and Service Updates 2011-07 92 KB PDF
Conference Report-Item#22-Position Reductions 2011-06 2 MG PDF
      -Position Admin Reduction Template 2011-06a 29 KB XLS
Travel Subsistence Rate Revision Effective July 1, 2011 2011-05 107 KB PDF
Change in IRS Mileage Rate Effective July 1, 2011 2011-04 147 KB PDF
Certification of the 2011-12 Budget 2011-03 65 KB PDF
Open Window Contracts Component Implementation 2011-02 103 KB PDF
Open Window Grant Award Management 2011-01 96 KB PDF



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