Home Care Provider Training

The Division of Health Service Regulation does not provide home care provider training. Contact either the Association for Home and Hospice Care of N.C or Home Care Seminars, LLC for DHSR-approved home care provider training.

Association for Home and Hospice Care of N.C.
Home Care Licensure Training
Kathie Smith, RN
Director of Quality Initiatives & State Liaison
3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 204
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 919-848-3450
Fax: 919-848-2355
Email: kathiesmith@homeandhospicecare.org

Home Care Seminars, LLC
211 E. Six Forks Road
Suite 222
Raleigh NC 27509
Phone: 919-829-2505/ 919-632-8891
Email: gdensmore@homecareseminar.com

Home Care Provider Course
Carolyn Thurston
J. M. Development
3622 Shannon Road
Suite 103
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: 919-641-8677