Monthly Report

The CON Section has a new database, known as Business Process Automated System (BPAS), which does not produce a single report similar to the Monthly Report produced by the old database. Instead, BPAS produces the following reports for the "Printed for Period" specified at the top of each report: Expedited Review Petitions Approved; Extension of Reviews; Decisions; Appeals; and Certificates Issued. If the reports are for activity during July, they will be posted on the website in mid-August. BPAS also produces a Written Comments and Public Hearings Report, which identifies the last date to submit written comments for the applications submitted for a given review cycle and the date, time and location of public hearings for applications included in that review cycle. This report will be posted on the web as soon as possible after all public hearings have been scheduled for each review cycle. This is typically around the end of the month before the review cycle begins or shortly after the review cycle begins. Information presented in Adobe Acrobat format.

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