SHCC Members

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SHCC Committees

Acute Care Services Committee

Is responsible for: planning for acute care beds, operating rooms, open heart surgery services, heart-lung bypass machines, burn intensive care services, transplantation services [bone marrow transplants and solid organ transplants], and inpatient rehabilitation services.

Long-Term and Behavioral Health Committee

Is responsible for: planning for nursing care facilities; adult care homes; home health services; hospice services; end-stage renal disease dialysis facilities; psychiatric inpatient facilities; substance abuse inpatient and residential services; and intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded.

Technology and Equipment Committee

Is responsible for: planning for lithotripsy, gamma knife, radiation oncology services - linear accelerators, positron emission tomography scanners, magnetic resonance imaging scanners, and cardiac catheterization/ angioplasty equipment.

Note: The SHCC Chairperson serves as ex officio member of all standing committees. Each committee chairperson also serves as an ex officio member on the other standing committees.