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NC Department of Health and Human Services

IT Contracts and Contract Procurement Services Instructions

Determination of Need for IT Review and/or Involvement by DIRM

Review Process Overview

According to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Directive II-12, DIRM must review and approve all DHHS contracts and contract procurement documents containing an IT component, e.g., computer hardware, software, consulting services, etc., regardless of the amount or funding source. As a result, DIRM will review all relevant DHHS Agency procurement documents to determine whether or not the information resource management resources proposed for acquisition meet the requirements that have been specified by the purchasing division or agency.

In order to streamline the DIRM review process or to ensure that a review is executed, as appropriate, DIRM has created a review checklist for DHHS agencies to complete before sending pertinent procurement documents to DIRM for review. Completion of the Determination of Need for IT Review and/or Involvement by DIRM - Checklist Detail and Checklist Summary Form will result in understanding whether:

  • DIRM should be involved in the initial development of contract procurement documents (e.g., Request for Proposal (RFP), Contract, Contract Amendment, Request for Application (RFA), Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quotes (RFQ), and the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) Technical Services Scope Statement), or
  • Fully developed contracts, or contract procurement documents, must be submitted to DIRM for review and approval.


  1. When the DHHS Agency determines a need to develop a contract procurement document (e.g., RFP, Contract, Contract Amendment, RFA, RFI, RFQ, ITS Technical Services Scope Statement) that involves the procurement of any information resource management resources (e.g., computer hardware, software, consulting services, etc.), the Agency must:
    1. Complete the “Determination of Need for IT Review and/or Involvement by DIRM Detailed Checklist and the Summary Checklist forms to the extent the information requested on the form is available.
    2. Upon completion of the Detailed Checklist, if any of the boxes on the “Detailed Checklist” are answered 'Yes':
      1. Submit each DIRM Determination for IT Checklist Form (Detailed and Summary) to DIRM for review.
        If you are unsure whether any portion of the proposed acquisition does or does not meet the criteria referenced in the “Detailed Checklist”, please contact the DIRM Vendor Management work unit at DIRM's main number(919)855-3000.
      2. Submit the documentation listed below for DIRM review as a part of the procurement document approval process.
        1. Contract/RFP Approval Form with all required signatures within the requesting Agency.
        2. Contract Justification Memorandum (items 1-8).
        3. A copy of the contract or contract procurement documents (e.g., RFP, Contract, Contract Amendment, RFA, RFI, RFQ), and any and all attachments (e.g., Scope of Work, the Contract Budget and narrative explanation of budget items, Contractor's proposal or application). A brief description of the IT services or IT component of the contract and/or contract procurement document.
        4. Any supplemental materials the requesting Agency feels would facilitate DIRM review.

    All Agency procurement documentation should be forwarded to Vendor Management as follows:

    US Mail: DIRM Vendor Management
    695 Palmer Drive
    Raleigh, NC 27603

    Interoffice Mail: DIRM Vendor Management
    2015 Mail Service Center

  2. DIRM will review each of the procurement document items received to ensure that the Agency’s procurement requirements can be reasonably met by the Vendor from whom services may or will continue to be acquired. DIRM holds contract procurement document review meetings bi-weekly, as necessary.

When additional information is required to properly assess received procurement documentation, DIRM will contact the Contract Administrator listed on the Contract/Approval Form. Questions and/or concerns about procurement documentation will also be addressed to the Agency Contract Administrator.

The Contract Administrator must make every effort to quickly address questions or issues raised by DIRM to facilitate a timely review.

For further assistance as it relates to procurement terms and their meanings, see the Glossary and IT Function Definitions document.