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NC Department of Health and Human Services
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Medical Assistance

Community Care of North Carolina/Carolina ACCESS

Darryl Frazier
Chief, CCNC-Managed Care
Phone Number, 919-855-4780
Fax. 919-715-5235. 

Community Care of North Carolina/Carolina ACCESS (CCNC/CA) is a primary care case management health care plan for a majority of Medicaid beneficiaries of this state. The objective of CCNC is to create community health networks to achieve long-term quality, cost, access and utilization objectives.

The program aid category in which a person receives Medicaid determines if a beneficiary is mandatory, optional or exempted from CCNC/CA. Medical homes are created to serve eligible Medicaid beneficiaries and children in the North Carolina Health Choice (NCHC) program between the ages of 6 through 18 years.

CCNC/CA also provides health education to its plan members and assists them in maximizing their own health care through self management.

Overview and History of Managed Care in North Carolina

In order to assist providers enrolled in Community Care of North Carolina/Carolina ACCESS (CCNC/CA) with managing and coordinating care for their Carolina ACCESS patients, DMA currently provides a Monthly Carolina ACCESS Enrollment Report.  The report is mailed to provider each month.  Primary care providers are strongly encouraged to review their report each month.




  • DMA has established Regional Managed Care Consultants (PDF, 26 KB) to assist managed care providers. If you are unable to reach the consultant, you may contact the DMA Managed Care program at 919-855-4780.
  • Health Check Coordinator Directory - Updated 07/25/14 (PDF, 347KB) are available to assist both parents and providers in assuring that Medicaid-eligible children have access to Health Check services.

Medicaid Bulletins

For changes and updates to coverage criteria, billing information, and other program requirements refer to the N.C. Medicaid general and special bulletins.



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Enrolling Your Patients in CCNC/CA

Enrollment Forms

Enrolling Medicaid and Health Choice Patients in CCNC/CA

Remember: Patients have freedom of choice. They do not have to choose you as their medical home. If they prefer to choose another provider or do not want to enroll, refer them to their caseworker at the department of social services.

Check the Medicaid card. If the patient is enrolled with another provider, but wishes to join your practice, use an enrollment form to enroll them. Their enrollment will be changed to your practice. The effective date is determined by the date the change is made in the eligibility system.

Explain the benefits of being a member of Carolina ACCESS.

  • A medical home with a primary care provider (PCP). The medical home is a place for well check-ups, sick visits, treatment of special health care needs, etc.
  • Medical advice available 24/7. There is no need to go to the ER unless the problem risks life or health without immediate treatment.
  • Coordinated medical services so that patients receive necessary care either by the PCP or by a referral to a specialist. The PCP will help find the right specialist.
  • Arrangements for hospitalizations when necessary. (Inform patient which hospital PCP admits to.)
  • Care management services available through the CCNC/CA network.

Inform the patient of all services they can get without authorization of the PCP.

Discuss any office policy. Include circumstances under which a member will be disenrolled.

Remind them to take their Medicaid card anytime they seek services.]

Unless they are <21 years old, receive Medicare, or pregnant, they are limited to 24 visits per state fiscal year (July 1 thru June 30). Remind them that they must be responsible for keeping up with their visits. If they exceed 24 visits, they may have to pay for the visit.

Always give your patient a Carolina ACCESS member handbook (PDF, 899 KB). This book can be your guide when explaining the benefits and requirements of being a member of Carolina ACCESS. You can order handbooks by contacting the Division of Medical Assistance, Managed Care Section, at 919-855-4780 or faxing a request to the Managed Care Section at 919-715-0844 or 919-715-5235.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Primary Care Provider (PCP) Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I decide how many Carolina ACCESS (CA) patients we would like to enroll?

Yes. You can set an enrollment limit. The maximum allowed is 2000 enrollees per physician or physician extender.

How do I change my enrollment limit?

You may make changes to your enrollment limit or restrictions by completing a Manage Change Request through NCTracks. To access Manage Change Requets, go to the secure Provider Portal (which requires an NCID and password) and click on "Status and Mangement."

Carolina ACCESS (CA) Enrollee FAQs

How can I tell if a patient is enrolled with Carolina ACCESS?

Carolina ACCESS enrollment can be verified by:

  • Viewing the patient's current month's Medicaid Identification Card (MID)
  • Call the Automated Voice Inquiry System at 1-800-723-4337
  • Review your practice's current Carolina ACCESS Monthly Enrollment Report

What should I do if a patient does not bring their Medicaid Identification Card for appointment?

Providers have a few options to verify eligibility and CA enrollment when patients present without their Medicaid Card:

  • Call Automated Voice Inquiry System (1-800-723-4337)
  • Review your practice's current Carolina ACCESS Monthly Enrollment Report
  • Require the patient to sign a "Self Pay" agreement.

Can enrollees change primary care providers?

Yes. Carolina ACCESS enrollees may request a change by contacting their caseworker or the Medicaid supervisor at their county Department of Social Services (DSS). Under normal circumstances the change will take approximately 30 days. Changes are effective the first day of the month. Until the change is made by the DSS, your practice must either provide services or refer the enrollee to another PCP for service.

What should be done if a patient is enrolled with the wrong PCP?

Advise the patient to contact his caseworker or the Medicaid supervisor at the DSS to enroll with the correct PCP immediately. If the patient does not request the change in a timely manner, contact your regional Managed Care Consultant for assistance.

Referrals FAQs

What if my Carolina ACCESS panel members need specialized health care services that my office cannot provide?

Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are responsible for referring Carolina ACCESS enrollees to specialists and other health services as needed. Medicaid will only pay for Medicaid covered services if the PCP authorizes treatment, except for the exempt services.

When authorizing treatment, the PCP must give the treating specialist or provider his NPI number. CA enrollees may be referred to any specialist who accepts Medicaid. Be sure to identify your patient as a CA enrollee when making the referral. In most situations, authorization should be given prior to services being rendered. However, authorization may be granted in other situations at the PCP's discretion.

Authorization for referrals may be given by telephone or in writing. It is recommended that PCP's store documentation on all CA referrals for internal tracking purposes and quality of care issues. This can be done in the patient's record or on a comprehensive referral log.

CA PCPs should specify the number of visits and length of time that an authorization is valid in order to eliminate unnecessary phone calls or misunderstandings. It is important for the PCP to be specific when authorizing care.

If PCPs identify discrepancies with the use of their NPIs by other health care proviers, they can contact their Regional Managed Care Consultant.

Does the doctor to whom we refer a patient have to be participating with Carolina ACCESS (CA)?

No. Carolina ACCESS does not have a network of specialists so you may refer your patients to any provider who accepts Medicaid.

What if we receive a request for a referral for a patient we have never seen before?

PCPs are contractually required to provide services or authorize another provider to treat the enrollee. PCPs should develop referral or authorization protocols and ensure that all office staff is knowledgeable of the process.  All referrals or authorizations must be documented in the enrollee’s medical record.  In the absence of a medical record, documentation should be made on the CA enrollment report.  A referral log can also be created by the PCP.

PCPs may, but are not required to, authorize specialty care for patients they have not seen. If your practice chooses not to authorize in this situation, refer the patient to his caseworker or the Medicaid supervisor or refer the specialist to the regional Managed Care Consultant for assistance. Your monthly enrollment report identifies new enrollees to your practice; you are strongly encouraged to make contact

Is PCP authorization required each time a Specialist sees a CA enrollee?

Unless the service you are providing is an exempt service as listed in the Managed Care Provider Information section of the Basic Medicaid Billing Guide, you must obtain authorization from the PCP. The length and scope of the authorization is at the discretion of the PCP.

Can referrals be made by telephone?

Yes. PCPs may make referrals by telephone or in writing. Carolina ACCESS does not dictate how the referral process takes place. However, it is important to obtain authorization to treat a CA enrollee prior to services being rendered. For more information, please read the Managed Care Provider Information section of the Basic Medicaid Billing Guide.

What if a CA Enrollee 'self refers' to our office?

CA enrollees must get PCP authorization before seeing another doctor, unless the service is exempt from authorization. A list of exempt services can be found in the Managed Care Provider Information section of the Basic Medicaid Billing Guide.

If you have not received authorization from the PCP you may contact the PCP listed on the Medicaid Identification Card to see if authorization can be given. If they do not authorize the service you may refer the patient back to the PCP or treat the patient as a "Self Pay" patient.

Billing FAQs

Are CA enrollees responsible for co-payments?

All Medicaid co-payment rules apply to Carolina ACCESS enrollees.

What if the patient has a Third Party Insurance?

Medicaid will always be the payor of last resort. If the patient has private insurance this must be billed before billing Medicaid. If the patient states he/she has other insurance, you should contact the local DSS or complete a DMA 2057 form. For additional information about third party insurance, refer to the Third Party Insurance section of the Basic Medicaid Billing Guide.

How should claims be filed when a PCP refers a CA Enrollee to our office?

When a PCP refers a CA enrollee to your office, you should be given the PCP's NPI authorization number. When filing your claim, you must put the referring PCP's NPI authorization number in block 17b of the CMS-1500 claim form. Clarify with the PCP what time or treatment limitations are placed on the authorization; e.g., good for the full course of treatment, good for one visit, etc. Since CA enrollees can change PCPs monthly, you must check the card each month to verify the PCP.

If my office has questions concerning claims who should we contact?

You should make contact with the Provider Service Section of Computer Services Corporation (CSC) at 1-800-688-6696. To check on the status of a claim, contact the Automated Voice Response System at 1-800-723-4337.

Emergency Department FAQs

Do CA Enrollees admitted through the Emergency Department require PCP authorization?

No. However, physician services provided following admission from the Emergency Department billed on the CMS-1500 will require authorization from the CA enrollee's PCP listed on the current month's Medicaid card.

Is the Emergency Department required to obtain referral authorization from the PCP listed on the Medicaid Identification Card?

No. Services provided in the Emergency Department do not require authorization by the member's CA PCP. Refer to the Managed Care Provider Information section of the Basic Medicaid Billing Guide for more additional information.

Other FAQs

Do all Medicaid covered services require authorization?

No. There are some services that do not require the primary care provider's authorization. A list of these exempt services is published in the Managed Care Provider Information section of the Basic Medicaid Billing Guide.

What is NCHC Insurance?

North Carolina Health Choice is a state and federally funded health insurance for children under the age of 19 whose family cannot afford private insurance and who do not qualify for Medicaid. NCHC is administered by the North Carolina State Health Plan.

Who do I contact for additional questions or information?

Contact your Regional Managed Care Consultant (PDF, 47 KB).

If you are unable to reach the consultant, you may contact the state Managed Care office at 919-855-4780.




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