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Individualized Budget Amount

An Individualized Budget Amount is an amount of money made available to a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities to get Medicaid waiver services. Under Innovations Plus you will know what your Individualized Budget Amount is before your ISP meeting.

When you know your budget, you have more information to make decisions. You can use your Individualized Budget Amount to choose services you need.

How Individualized Budgets Amounts are Formed

The Supports Intensity Scale® is used to assess a person’s support needs along with other information such as where the person lives, age and considerations of significant medical and behavioral challenges.

With this information a person is assigned to one of seven budget categories, labeled A to G, from lowest to highest. People in each category are assigned the same Base Budget. Later, during the individual supports planning (ISP) process, additional amounts may be requested, according to the person's needs. No individual budget, however, can be higher than $135,000 for the year. The graphic below shows how:

Graph displaying Individualized Budget Amount budget allocation per category, with potential 'add-on' services.


December 9, 2014