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N.C. Medicaid Preferred Drug List Review Panel

Preferred Drug List Review Panel

The Medicaid and Health Choice Preferred Drug List (PDL) Review Panel was established by DHHS to conduct open meetings to discuss recommended policies and procedures related to the PDL and to address the public comments that were received during the PDL comment period. The administration and review of the North Carolina Medicaid and Health Choice PDL follows the Preferred Drug List Review Panel Guidelines and Procedures.

Approved recommendations from the Medicaid PDL Review Panel:

Meeting Schedule 2014

If you wish to provide comments at the November 4, 2014 meeting, registration is required. We request that you limit the time for presenting your comments and limit your presentation  to new information, (within the last six months). If you are a manufacturer it is requested you limit you conversation to comparative evidence.

Please include in your email the following: 1. Name of presenter 2.Company/organization affiliation 3.State if the speaker is being compensated in any way for speaking on behalf of the drug, including if the speaker receives compensation as a consultant, is a member of that pharmaceutical company’s speaker’s bureau, or participates in other educational speaking assignments, or receives other funding directly or indirectly through his/her clinic from the pharmaceutical company. Speakers should be prepared to give this information about themselves at the beginning of their public comments.

Registration closed at 8:00 a.m. on November 3, 2014.

PDL Meetings 2015


PDL Meeting Archives

Annual Report Archives (by State Fiscal Year)

PDL Review Panel


July 2014 through July 2016

Panel Member



Dr. Jonathan Weston


Old North State Medical Society

Dr. Paul Bush


Hospital-Based Pharmacy

Dr. Holly Biola


Community Care of NC

Dr. Erin Dalton


N.C. Association of Pharmacists

Dr. Steve Wegner


N.C. Pediatric Society

Dr. Burt Johnson


N.C. Psychiatric Association

Dr. Byron J. Hoffman


N.C. Chapter of the American College of Physicians

Dr. Robert L. (Chuck) Rich


N.C. Academy of Family Physicians

Dr. Andreas Maetzel


Research-Based Pharmaceutical Company

Dr. Beat Steiner


N.C. Physician Advisory Group Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee






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