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Genetic Counseling Services

What are Genetic Counseling Services?

Genetic Counseling Services identify individuals and families who may have or be at risk to have a genetic condition. Services are focused on providing early intervention, education, diagnosis, and treatment if possible. Genetic Counselors from the Children and Youth Branch routinely provide consultation to health care providers on many genetic issues.

Genetic services are available at five medical centers and one community hospital in NC for any infant, child, or adult suspected of having a genetic condition. This also includes services for pregnant women that are at an increased risk to have a baby with birth defects. Individuals with limited access to medical centers can receive genetic services through regional satellite genetic clinics located statewide.

Regional Genetic counselors are located in Wilmington, Greenville, Charlotte, and Asheville. They can assist with:

  • referral to genetic evaluations
  • genetic counseling
  • genetic educational materials
  • assistance locating support groups (for specific genetic conditions)

Who is Eligible?

Any individual with a potential genetic disorder is eligible for services. Families who meet the financial eligibility scale for CSHS are not billed for services if services are covered under the genetics contracts.

How to apply?

Call us for details.


For more information about this service contact: