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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Services for the Blind

State Rehabilitation Council Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2012

Call to Order of the State Rehabilitation Council Meeting.
Directly following the Commission for the Blind meeting, Chair Beth Butler opened the State Rehabilitation Council meeting.

Present in the Conference Room:  Beth Butler, Carla Parker, Brenda Savage, Erica Nail, Gary Ray, Mary Flanagan, David Arthur, Cynthia Speight, John Marens, Verdina Simms, Eddie Weaver.

Connected by Conference Call:  Dorothy Frye, Brenda Montforti, Tony Ferrita, Richard Oliver, Steve Harris, and Kim Lambert.

Approval of Minutes
A motion was made by John Marens, seconded by Dorothy Frye, and carried to approve the minutes of the December 8, 2011, meeting. 

Committee Reports:

Policy and Procedures Committee—John Marens
DSB is looking at amending two rules:  1) financial needs policy by removing assistive technology services from the needs test for clients in need of that service, 2) DSB will conform with other VR Programs in verifying income of clients.

DSB has always had a Workplace Violence policy.  Now this policy has been tweaked to include a Code of Conduct. 

Our first rule regarding purchasing assistive technology and other devices without regard to economic need is now posted in the NC Registry as of March 1, 2012.  It will be posted for 30-days.  On March 16, a public hearing will be held in the Fisher Building Conference Room at 1 p.m. on this rule.

State Plan Committee—Beth Butler, Richard Oliver, and David Arthur
DSB is getting ready to work on an update to the State Plan which is presented annually to RSA.  The actual State Plan is written every 3 years.  One of the requirements of the State Plan is having focus groups to gain input from the public.

There will be a drop-in center during the NCCVIB conference on Friday, March 16 from 12-3 in the conference room at the Crockett-Peeler Building.  People can drop in and leave any comments or suggestions that they may have.

A public hearing will be held March 29 from 1 til 3 p.m. at the Wilson County Library. 

A focus group will be held April 18 in Wilmington, NC.

Another focus group will be held in Hickory, NC, on April 26, at the Catawba County Job Link Career Center.

DSB is in need of SRC members to participate in each one of the public hearings and focus groups.  Please contact David Arthur if you would like to volunteer.

Consumer Information
No Report

Old Business

New Business
As discussed in the Commission for the Blind meeting, the State Rehabilitation Council meeting will be moved from September 8 to September 15. 

A motion was made by Richard Oliver, seconded by John Marens, and carried to adjourn this meeting.



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