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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Services for the Blind

State Rehabilitation Council Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2010

Call to Order of the State Rehabilitation Council Meeting

Directly following the Commission for the Blind meeting, Chair Beth Butler opened the State Rehabilitation Council meeting. 

Present in the Conference Room were Mary Flanagan, Maria Spaulding, Cynthia Speight, Julie Kagy, Gary Ray, Beth Harris, David Arthur, and Carla Parker. 

Connected by conference call were:  Beth Butler, Ruth Haines, Eddie Weaver, Allen Casey, Tommy Jenkins, Terri Meyers, Richard Oliver, Joann Wood, and Kim Lambert.

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Graham Watt, seconded by Richard Oliver, and carried to approve the minutes of December 12, 2009 meeting.

Committee Reports:

Policy and Procedures Committee—Cynthia Speight

There are not any policy or procedural changes at this time.

State Plan Committee—David Arthur

It is State Plan time again.  The committee consists of David Arthur, Graham Watt, Tommy Jenkins, Eddie Weaver, and Joann Wood.  DSB is working in conjunction with ECU to coordinate focus groups and public hears.  Focus groups will be held in Boone, Greenville, and Elizabeth City.  Public hearings will be held in Charlotte and Wilmington. 

On March 1, RSA posted the requirements of this year’s State Plan.  These requirements will be shared with Committee members.  The State Plan will be presented at the June meeting.

Mrs. Flanagan gave an update on the ECU comprehensive needs assessment.  Mrs. Flanagan e-mailed the executive summary to Commission members.  The comprehensive report will be available next week. 

Consumer Information Committee—Joann Wood

No Report

Old Business


New Business



A motion was made by Ruth Haines, seconded by Graham Watt, and carried to adjourn this meet. 

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Butler, Chair, Commission for the Blind                                
Mary Flanagan, Acting Director, Division of Services for the Blind

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