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NC Department of Health and Human Services Division of Services for the Blind

State Rehabilitation Council Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2013

Present in the Conference Room:  Eddie Weaver, Carla Parker, Cynthia Speight, Patricia Sikes, Brenda Savage, Gary Ray, John Marens, and Verdina Gillette-Simms.

Connected by Conference Call:  Richard Oliver, Erica McMahon, Kim Lambert, Julie Kagy, and Brenda Montforti.

Call to Order of the State Rehabilitation Council Meeting
Chair Richard Oliver opened the State Rehabilitation Council meeting.

Policies and Procedures—John Marens and Cynthia Speight
Mrs. Speight reported that there will be a policy change in the Business Enterprises Program regarding on the job training (OJT).  OTJ is provided in a facility by an operator.  The trainee receives a stipend/fee.  The operator pays the trainee a set wage.  The Vocational Rehabilitation Program reimburses the operator.  The problem is the length of time it takes for the operator to receive his reimbursement.  DSB is working with the Controller’s Office in an effort to expedite reimbursement. 

Consumer Information—Julie Kagy
DSB is in the process of receiving responses back from surveys mailed out for two quarters.  DSB sent out 307 surveys and received 77 responses with 30 being undeliverable.  DSB is in the process of compiling the 77 responses and researching correct addresses for the 30 that were returned. 

Question was asked if DSB had thought about hiring a telephone service to call the people that did not respond.  This would increase feedback.  At the current time, DSB does not have funds to hire for this service.

Statewide Needs Assessment—Cynthia Speight
RSA mandates DSB to conduct a Statewide Needs Assessment every 3 years to determine the rehabilitation needs of individuals who live in North Carolina that have a disability. UNC School of Allied Health is the vendor that will be helping DSB in this effort.  Very soon, State Rehabilitation Council members will be receiving surveys.  Members may be asked to be interviewed and possibly attend focus groups.  The timeframe for participating is June through September.  DSB will receive a draft of the report in October.   Eddie Weaver thanked Cynthia Speight for her hard work on getting the contract and the assessment going.

State Plan—Dave Arthur
RSA requires that Vocational Rehabilitation Programs submit a plan to the federal government annually detailing their plan to spend federal monies.  RSA requires certain components to be included in the State Plan.  This plan requires approval by the State Rehabilitation Council and DHHS.  Deadline for submission is July 1. 

The State Plan was emailed to each SRC member prior to today’s meeting for their review.  It was agreed that David Arthur would read aloud and discuss in detail each goal, objective, and priority.  It was also agreed that this plan shows ample collaboration with other agencies through Memorandum of Agreements. 

In-depth conversation was held, suggestions were made, and a motion was made by Julie Kagy to approve that State Plan with the suggestions incorporated.  Motion was seconded by John Marens and moved to approve the State Plan.

Chair Richard Oliver asked that David Arthur send him an English version of the brochure “Having Trouble with your Vision”.  Mr. Arthur agreed.

Mr. Weaver thanked Mr. Arthur and staff for all of their hard work in getting this State Plan finalized. 
Old Business:
Is there anything that can be done to increase attendance at public forums?  Comment was made that transportation remains a constant issue.  This topic will be discussed at September’s meeting.

New Business:

Motion was made by Brenda Savage, seconded by Julie Kagy to adjourn the State Rehabilitation Council meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September 21, at 10 a.m.  



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