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Why I Enjoy My Job at a DHHS Facility

Caswell Developmental Center

Dolores J. Lee, Developmental Supervisor I

I have worked at Caswell Developmental Center since 1978.  I grew up around people with developmental disabilities, as my mother and father both retired from Caswell. 

Years ago, the Center held an Open House each year and my parents made sure all of their children came.  This was when I first became interested in this work.  I saw that there were different levels of disabilities.  Some individuals could talk and walk and some could not.  We looked forward to Open House.  When I graduated from high school, I wanted to be able to help others that could not help themselves.

I continue to get up each morning with the thought, “What can I do today, to change the lives of the people I work with.”  “What can I do today to make these people happy?”  “What can I do today to give these individuals the best quality of life?”  I strive daily to give them all I have to give, to keep them happy and comfortable, and to make a difference in their lives, just for today.  They make me laugh, smile and cry.  I get attached to them as if they are my own.  They are a part of my life and always will be.  I look forward to each day I can share with them.  They are special people.  I will continue to help people.  That’s a part of being me.  I look forward to tomorrow and what it may bring for them and how I can make a difference in their lives.

Peggy Price, Developmental Technician

I came to work at Caswell during my high school years.  That is when I knew I enjoyed working with intellectually and/or developmentally disabled people.
I have always enjoyed helping others.  As I look back over the time that I have been here, I really enjoy working here.  It makes me feel that someone other than my family needs me; that I am appreciated for just smiling at them.  None of the people that I work with ever ask for anything too big; they just want to be loved and be able to live a normal life as much as they can.  They only ask to be happy and safe.  Also, they want to be treated with dignity and respect.  So I always told myself that they only want the same things that I want and just to be happy.

I enjoy working at Caswell Developmental Center.  I have a very good relationship with my co-workers as well as my supervisor and home manager.  But most important is that the people that I help love me.

Broughton Hospital

Kevin Riddle, HCT Trainer

I take great pride in being afforded the opportunity to serve the people of Western North Carolina in need of the services we provide.  Beyond that, the compassion that was shown to me during my time of need makes for a great working atmosphere.

Barbara R. Myers, MSW, LCSW

I have found my work rewarding and my colleagues generally supportive.  The opportunities for advancement have allowed me to progress up the career ladder to my present position as Social Work Program Director.  My employment has been fulfilling, allowing me to achieve knowledge while affording me the opportunity for professional growth in the mental health field.  I have been allowed to share my experience through teaching interns, service on various staff committees and boards, networking with community agencies and professional organizations in addition to serving as part-time instructor at the local community college.

O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center

Fessor McCoy, Program Coordinator

I worked almost 26 years in a community home for adolescent boys with the last seven of those years as the Director of the program. When the facility closed in 2006 due to funding issues, I came to O’Berry Neuro-Medical Treatment Center as a Program Coordinator.  I was warmly welcomed by the agency and the people who live here.

Our Team and the work we do impressively enhances the quality of life of the individuals we serve.  Our dynamic team process is effective and unmatched by any other.  Staff as a whole is positive, dedicated and puts the individuals first by meeting needs on a daily basis.  The sense of family here is an inspiration making this the most stress free job I have ever had.  When you see individuals actually smiling, then you know the agency is on the right path.  I hope to continue this working relationship for many years to come.

Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center

Enoch Clinton, Health Care Technician

There are two reasons I enjoy working at the Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center; patients and employees.  Having worked here over 28 years I have seen changes that have affected patient care in a positive manner.  These changes include interior and exterior renovations that were long overdue.  The overall appearance of the resident floors has improved greatly which has in turn provided a better living environment for our residents at the same time increased employee morale.picture of Enoch Clinton

I have also seen fellow employees including myself grow personally and professionally.  When I first began working here there were several employees with small children that referred to me “Uncle”.  Those same children are now working here and call me Mr. Clinton. 

I have spent much of my life at Longleaf and have seen changes in Administration as well as changes in myself.  During my employment I have worked in Staff Development, as a HealthCare Technician and an EMT.  My latest role is being in charge of Central Supply.   Regardless of the role I serve my main goal is to serve residents that are unable to serve themselves.  That is why I enjoy working at Longleaf.

Vivian Williams, Purchase Technician

It is a pleasure to be a member of the Longleaf Neuro-Medical Treatment Center picture of Cindy Williamsstaff. My employment has extended to around 37 years, and our facility has evolved and progressed during this time to the organization it is today. Our residents are enjoying a more homelike environment, as a result of our Enhancement Project, with newly renovated and modernized resident floors, as well as the lawn improvements with the fountain, gazebo, and beautiful front entrance. Programs have been added during the last few years, such as the Alzheimer's Treatment Program, the Eden Program is a great addition for the residents, and our Activities Program has" blossomed". Seeing how our residents favorably respond to these programs and projects make my time spent here very fulfilling and enjoyable. Ready NC Connect NC