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Procedural Guide for HR Managers and Analysts

Last Update: 05/08/2009

Competency Assessment Activities

Providing Consultation, Reviewing, and Monitoring Competency Assessments

When supervisors and Hiring Managers conduct competency assessments on their employees, HR Analysts will help them understand the process and will review and monitor the results.
Step Activity Forms Policy / Guides 


Provide consultation and training on the competency assessment process.

Blank Information Technology (IT) Competency Assessment Forms:

Sample Competency Assessment Forms:

Blank Law Enforcement (LE) Competency Assessment Forms:

Sample Competency Assessment Forms:

Competency Assessment Guides for Rollover:

IT Guide

LE Guide

Performance Management / Competency Assessment Policy
(to be added)

  • Provide training to any supervisors and hiring managers who were unable to attend sessions. Refer to training section for materials and references.
  • Provide technical consultation as requested from supervisors and hiring managers who need help in determining compentency levels and writing clear documentation (summary statements) on the competency assessment form.
  • Note: The competency profiles for each banded class are located in the Job Family section.


Review and monitor competency assessment forms.

Sample Competency Development Plan

Aggregate Leveling Forms:

Developing and Evaluating Employees:
A Career Banding Guide to Competency Assessment, Career Development, and Performance Management
(to be developed)
  • Collect, review, and file completed competency assessment forms in employees' personnel files. Review to make sure that the forms correctly reflect the following or provide consultation to help the supervisor:
    • Summary statements in the documentation section clearly support the levels selected.
    • Appropriate Competency Development Plans (to develop higher level competencies) are completed.


Enter competency levels into BEACON.    
Enter competency levels into BEACON by the annual date established by OSHR.


Review pay disputes.  Career Banding Pay Dispute Review Process Complaint Filing Form Pay Dispute Review Process (under development)
  • Make sure that employees in your division / facility / school have been informed about the policy and are aware of the 15 day filing requirement.
  • Review pay disputes to make sure that they were filed within 15 days and one of the following reasons applies (as listed on the form):
    • "Amount of salary adjustment is less than the appropriate amount as determined through pay factors.
    • No salary increase granted when pay factors support an increase.
    • Salary decision based on inappropriate competencies evaluation.
    • Salary decision wherein the Department did not adhere to its plan for distribution of available limited funding in career banding salary decisions."
  • Monitor, review, and record number of pay disputes. Note any trends or problem areas and offer training or consultation on making appropriate salary decisions or positive employee communication strategies if needed.


Monitor Career Development Plans.

Sample Competency Development Plan

Developing and Evaluating Employees:
A Career Banding Guide to Competency Assessment, Career Development, and Performance Management
(to be developed)

Review Career Development Plans submitted. Follow up to make sure that all supervisors are completing plans and that the plans are:

  • Fair and consistent among employees (with equal access to training, mentoring, etc.).
  • Reasonable for the employee's potential skill or competency level.
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