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Procedural Guide for HR Managers and Analysts

Last Update: 03/17/2009

Performance Management Activities

Reviewing and Posting Performance Ratings

When supervisors complete annual performance reviews prior to August 1 of each year, HR analysts review and enter performance ratings into BEACON.
Step Activity Forms Policy


Provide training and consultation as needed.

Career Banding Workplan:
or PDF

Sample Career Banding Workplan:
Word or PDF

Guide to Managing Employees

Performance Management and Competency Assessment

Competency Assessment Guide for Rollover
(This guide will be modified for ongoing assessments.)

  • Conduct training and answer questions from managers, supervisors and employees on the development of workplans for banded positions.
  • Coach supervisors as needed on improving employee performance and preparing Performance Improvement plans. (Training materials and forms currently under development.)
  • Contact Central HR at with any questions about the training materials and forms that will be linked in the next column (currently under development).
  • Consult with managers and supervisors on the development of unit outcomes and performance indicators that meet the division/facility/school vision. (Check with your management staff or web site if you need a copy of your division/facility/school vision.)
  • Provide coaching to supervisors and employees on identifying resources for career development.
Career Development Form
(under development)


Review and file Standard Workplans. Sample Career Banding Standard Workplan:
Word or PDF
  • Review any new standard workplans that are developed for banded classes to ensure consistency and legal defensibility.
  • Collect file copies of standard workplans and keep in standard workplan file.


Provide reminders for interim and annual review cycles.    
  • If customary practice in your division/facility/school, provide reminders to supervisors at interim (mid-point of review cycle) to review and ensure that necessary employee development plans are completed and that they are documenting competency achievement and performance.
  • Provide reminders and information to supervisors and managers for the end of the performance management cycle. Deadlines under Career Banding remain the same, falling in mid-June annually upon notification from OSHR.


Collect, review, and file completed workplans. Sample Improvement Plan  
  • Collect annual (and probationary) employee workplans by the due date and file in individual personnel files.
  • Make sure that the workplans are complete including ratings and documentation statements and that completed competency assessments are attached.
  • Review any Improvement Plans submitted and follow up to make sure that one of the following occurs:
    • The employee's deficiencies are resolved.
    • Supervisor provides adequate support to employee by meeting on a regular basis, monitoring improvement, and coaching for improvement as necessary.
    • If necessary, appropriate disciplinary action is taken.


Enter performance ratings into BEACON.    
  • Enter performance ratings into BEACON by the annual date established by OSHR.
  • Document any late or uncompleted workplans for supervisors who do not follow the policy deadline.


Review performance or pay disputes as necessary.

Performance Rating Dispute Process
Complaint Filing Form

Career Banding Pay Dispute Review Process Complaint Filing Form 

Performance Rating Dispute Process (PDF)
  • Review performance or pay disputes to make sure that they fall within the "right to dispute" category.
  • Make sure that legitimate complaints meet established time frames.


Audit workplans by August 1st annually. DHHS PM Audit Form 
Word or PDF
(need form)
  • Complete workplan audits and submit findings to management. Maintain a copy of the report for future department audits.
  • Following audits of workplans, provide follow-up coaching to any supervisors who did not follow procedures or provide adequate documentation.
  • After allowing a reasonable time for corrective action, report any corrective action taken to avoid possible sanctions. If corrective action is not taken, advise managers as needed on possible sanctions.
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