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Procedural Guide for HR Managers and Analysts

Last Update: 07/01/2009

Recruitment and Selection Activities

Filling a Vacancy in a Banded Class

When Hiring Managers want to fill a specific vacancy, HR Recruitment Coordinators will assist them in locating and hiring the best-qualified candidate.
Step Activity Forms Policy 


Review Request for Posting.

Request to Post Form (DHHS Recruitment / Selection Documentation)
Word or PDF

Sample Request to Post Form
Word or PDF


  • Review Request for Posting prepared by Hiring Manager. Make sure that the information on the announcement fits the current position description and that the following elements are listed appropriately:
    • Banded Class Title
      Note: The banded class salary range and minimum training and experience will appear in the BEACON system when entered.
    • Salary Grade Equivalent
    • Working Title to further explain the Banded Class title (such as "receptionist" or "mail clerk" under the Banded Class title of "Administrative Support Associate")
    • Position Number
    • Competency Level (Contributing, Journey, or Advanced)
    • Recruitment Hiring Range (corresponding to the appropriate competency level)
      Make sure that the manager has also considered budget / equity constraints in setting the hiring range.

      See note below for hard-to-fill positions.
    • Internal Posting
      To foster career development, a hiring manager may choose to post the position internally to DHHS or to state government employees. If internal posting is chosen, contact the central HR office Recruitment Manager at for approval before posting.
    • Description of Work
    • Required Competencies (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Behaviors)
    • Preferences (if desired)
    • ADA Requirements

    Note for Hard-to-Fill Positions: If this type of position has been difficult to fill in the past, the hiring manager may want to consider applicants with lower level competencies. Example: advertise for a journey level but be willing to hire a contributing level or advertise for advanced but be willing to hire even at contributing. If so, the following statement must be included in the announcement: "If there are no applicants who have the required _______ level competencies listed in the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies section, management may consider other applicants who have lower _______ [or ______] level competencies at a salary range of [ xxxxx - zzzzz (or xxxxx - zzzzz)]. [Specify Journey in the first blank and Contributing in the second blank if advertised at Journey. Or specify Advanced in the first blank and Journey only in the second blank or Journey and Contributing in the second blank.]

  • Confirm that the announcement clearly defines the Description of Work and lists the appropriate competencies from Banded Class Competency Profiles listed under the applicable job family for the open position. Consult the most recent workplan if necessary to determine critical competencies (i.e. attention to detail, planning & organizing, etc.) for the position.
  • Make suggestions for changes, additions, deletions if needed.
  • Refer Hiring Managers to the online Vacancy Announcement Guide for general instructions on planning, recruiting, and advertising vacancies.


Make Recruitment Recommendations (Including Targeted Recruitment).    
  • Obtain EEO designee signature on the Recruitment/Selection Documentation (Request for Posting) Form.
  • Consult with EEO designee to determine if class is underrepresented and recommend appropriate targeted recruitment outreach if needed.
  • Consult and refer Hiring Manager to the online Minority Recruitment Guide (PDF) if appropriate.
  • Review available recruitment strategies, including Internet postings, newspaper advertisements, professional publications, and college/universities, etc. and make recommendations to manager.
  • Consult and refer Hiring Manager to the online Recruitment Strategies web site for more information.


Post Announcement. Sample Vacancy Announcement  
  • Post announcement to BEACON.
  • Be sure that the announcement includes all required components from the list in Step 1 above.
  • Assure compliance with all OSHR/DHHS posting policy requirements.


Screen Applicants. Sample Vacancy Announcement  

After close of posting, review applications received.

  • Screen for Qualified applicants using Minimum Training and Experience and Competencies (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Behaviors) as stated in the announcement.
  • Do not use preferences in determining qualified applicants.
  • You may then send all qualified applications to the hiring manager. If there are 10 or more Qualified (Q) applicants, then the Hiring Manager can choose to conduct next level screening to determine the Highly Qualified (HQ) applicants or they may ask your office to handle the screening. Remind hiring managers that they should not use preferences as their sole criteria in their screening for Highly Qualified, but may use them in their final selection decisions.


Document Screening Results. Applicant Selection Log (ATS Report)  

After screening, complete documentation.

  • Enter qualification ratings assigned for each applicant into the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and create an applicant selection log. The qualification ratings are: NQ (Not Qualified), Q (Qualified), HQ (Highly Qualified) or Entry Level.
  • Forward the Q or HQ pool to the Hiring Manager.
  • Remove EEO tear-sheet from the application before sending to the Hiring Manager.
  • Generate Applicant Selection Log using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and give to the Hiring Manager with applications.


Recommend Appropriate Selection Tools.    
  • Consult with Hiring Manager regarding appropriate selection tools and interview techniques to be used, such as:
    • Structured Behavioral-Based Interviews,
    • Work Samples,
    • References, etc.
  • Provide guidance and coaching to hiring managers in development of competency based interview questions around the critical job requirements and behaviors required for success in the position.
  • Refer hiring managers to Selection Tools training if they have not attended a session.


Review Priority Considerations with Hiring Manager.    

Discuss priority considerations with the hiring manager and ensure priorities are applied according to policy:

  • reduction in force,
  • promotional priority,
  • veterans preference,
  • worker's compensation,
  • exempt policy-making/exempt managerial.


Review Hiring Decision. Applicant Selection Log (ATS Report)  
  • When hiring manager has made the hiring recommendation, review Applicant Selection Log for completeness and appropriateness of comments.
  • Ensure that all signature approvals are obtained, including the EEO designee's signature.
  • Follow steps in the Salary Administration section of this guide to process New Hire salary. Click on "Next Page" below to go on to the Salary Administration section.
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