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1)Home page
3)IT and Law Enforcement Job Families

1)Added reference link and added links to this update page throughout the site.
2)Added reference page with links to DHHS library of 27 competencies and draft of salary administration policy
3)Added project plans and communication plans
4-12-2005 IT Job Families Added link to IT Managers' Powerpoint Presentation
 5-11-2005  IT Job Families Corrected one Banded Class level and some titling on the chart.
 5-16-2005 Reference Page Added full PDF version of DHHS Competency Library.
 5-24-2005  DDS Pilot Added Summary Report to finalized DDS pilot project page.
 5-27-2005  OSSOG Banded Classes Posted the four State Personnel Commission Approved Banded Classes under the Office Support Services Career Branch of the Administrative & Managerial Job Family: Administrative Support Associate, Administrative Support Specialist, Executive Assistant, and Administrative Support Supervisor.
 6-1-2005 Reference page Updated competency library to "clean up" language and formatting. Each individual competency Word document is also updated.
 7-7-2005  IT Branches and Banded Classes Added State Specs to each Banded Class.
 7-11-2005 Definitions and Home Page Added link to revised OSHR Brochure.
 7-11-2005 Banding Guide for HR Managers and Analysts Linked draft to Banding Guide (Procedural Guide for HR Managers and Analysts)
 7-21-2005 Banding Overview Powerpoint for HR Linked latest version of Banding overview being presented to HR Managers and Analysts to home page.
7-25-2005 Reference page Updated Salary Administration Policy to include 4 rather than 10 pay factors.
8-3-2005 Training page Added a training page that includes Powerpoint presentation, handouts, evaluation form, etc. from July HR Manager/Analyst overview sessions.
8-18-2005 Job Families page Added new graphic illustration for Office Assistant job.
8-18-2005 Banding Brochure Corrected Administrative Support illustration to include correct Branch and Banded Class Series titles.
8-18-2005 Banding Guide for HR Managers and Analysts Clarified some wording and added links to the Classification section of the HR Banding Guide.
8-18-2005 Law Enforcement Job Family Added Draft Public Safety Officer Competencies and Draft Public Safety Supervisor Competencies
10-4-2005 Links Added note on Banding Web Site link to click on "Career Banding Project Update" to get the latest proposed implementation dates.
10-4-2005 References Added link to our Model Communication Plan.
10-13-2005 Information Technology Changed links to go to updated Communication Plan and Project Plan.
10-21-2005 HR Guide - Recruitment Section  Changed some wording to clarify this section of guide.
10-31-05 Powerpoint Overview for HR Directors and Analysts Updated the Banding Example on Slide 10.
12-12-05 HR Managers Information Deleted the DDS Pilot button from the home page and replaced it with an HR Managers button. The HR Managers' page contains links to update e-mails and the Banding Guide for HR Managers and Analysts.
12-13-05  References Added two competencies (to be used for IT classes only) to the Competency Library chart.
12-14-05 Law Enforcement  Updated competency documents.
12-14-05 Information Technology  Updated competency documents.
12-16-05 Banding Guide for HR Updated Recruitment Section by adding form links.

Performance Management Section of HR Guide

Added link to Competency Assessment Guide for Rollover.


HR Managers Information

Added links to Law Enforcement Employee Career Banding Overview Powerpoint Presentation, Law Enforcement Employee Fact Sheet on Competency Assessment, and latest monthly update e-mail.


Law Enforcement

Updated links to final Public Safety Officer Competency Profile and Public Safety Supervisor Competency Profile.


HR Managers Information

Added Law Enforcement training forms and handouts.


HR Managers Information

Added more Law Enforcement training Powerpoint, forms, and handouts.


HR Managers Information

Added more Law Enforcement training forms.


HR Managers Information

Changed existing Aggregate Leveling Form and added Public Safety Supervisors' Aggregate Leveling Form.


HR Managers Information

Added links to updated forms in HR Managers' Banding Guide.


IT Job Family

Added links to an IT Banded Class Pay Ranges spread sheet and updated Competency Profiles for IT Banded Classes.


IT Job Family
HR Banding Guide

Added link to Rollover Process Steps list of dates and actions and added page numbers to 3 competency profiles.
Added FAQs to HR Banding guide.


Managers' Information

Reorganized training materials and added documents from training class.
Added General Employee Overview Powerpoint presentation for use by trained HR Managers as needed.
Updated the Powerpoint Overview for HR Directors and Analysts (linked from the home page as well as the managers' page)


Managers' Information

Added training dates chart.



Added forms link to main page.


Salary Administration Policy

Added link to approved policy in several pages.


IT Training and General Updates

  • Updated Rollover Process Steps allowing another month to complete competency assessments.
  • Added some PDF versions of documents.

HR Banding Guide and Form Update


Update to Mangers Information Page

  • Added Questions & Answers from Feb. 2006 training
  • Updated FAQ's to incorporate some of the questions from the Feb. training.
  • Added Recruitment materials to IT Training page.
  • IT Specs
  • Forms
  • Law Enforcement
  • Managers' Information
  • Institutional Services
4-18, 19, & 20-06
  • Added links to April, 2006 Recruitment Coordinators Powerpoint Presentation.
  • Deleted listings of current/old positions and pay grades related to the new banded classes since the listings do not always match the final conversions as each class is banded in DHHS.
5-15-06 Mangers Information Added 05-09-06 E-mail Update

Mangers Information, Training Page, home page and FAQs.)

Added links to:

Training Page, Law Enforcement Training, Forms

Added Pilot Workplan blank form (with or without instructions), and LE example workplan.
6-23-06 Mangers Information Added 06-22-06 E-mail Update
7-25-06 Forms Added Pilot Workplan blank form (with or without instructions)

Main Page

Mangers Information

Added note to main page re: banding suspension and 08-15-06 E-mail Update detailing specifics related to the suspension of Banding in DHHS.
8-29-06 Pay Dispute in HR Banding Guide Fixed links to dispute Pay Dispute form and salary administration policy.
8-31-06 Forms and IT Training Added four revised Aggregate Leveling Forms: Specialist, Analyst, Technician, and IT Manager.
8-31-06 IT and LE Updated salary grade equivalency charts for IT and LE.
9-7-06 Mangers Information Removed outdated Comprehensive Salary Grade Reference Chart since LE and IT rates have been updated.
9-18-06 Mangers Information and Home Page Added update 9-11-06 e-mail update and change to wording on home page in reference to adding Social Research to our banded classes.
9-21-06 Training and Forms Page Added IT pilot workplan forms (revised 8-29-06) and sample workplan.
10-5-06 Administrative and Managerial Job Family Added Social Research implementation documents:
11-8-06 Links throughout site Removed "Draft" from Career Banding Pay Dispute Review form (Word, PDF).
11-16-06 Administrative and Managerial Job Family

Added Social Research links and documents:

12-28-06 Administrative and Managerial Job Family

Added Social Research links and document:

02-21-08 Banding Guide for HR Managers and Analysts

Updated Salary Administration section

Updated Forms: Salary Administration Forms section

Updated Definitions section


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