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All the various documents relating to the Safety and Health Program are stored here for your use.

Reading Room

Employee Safety Handbook


NC DOL Poster

OSP Workers' Compensation Handbook
Hazard Alerts
Labor Ledger
Calendar of Events
Safety and Health Links
Recommended Reading

DHHS Safety Program Documentation

Department Safety Policies
Committee Minutes
Hazard Assessments
Training Packages
DHHS Safety and Health Program
Chairs And Accessories
Desks And Workstations
General Items
Keyboards And Mouse Trays
Laptop Computers
Materials Handling Equipment
Monitors And Accessories
State Cars
Minimum Purchase Specifications
Minimum Purchase Specifications

Research Room

Right To Know
Workplace Requirements for Safety and Health
Labor Laws
All Laws
General Statutes
OSH Record keeping Standards
OSH General Industry Standards
OSH Construction Standards
NC Building Code
NC Fire Prevention Code
OSP Workplace Requirements Manual
NC Administrative Code
Safety and Health Regulations
OSH Field Operations Manual
OSH Directives
OSH Operational Procedure Notices
OSH Interpretations
Building Code Interpretations
OSH Technical Manual
OSH Industry Guides
Directives and Interpretations
Frequently Asked Questions
Distance As Fall Protection
Extension Cords And Surge Protection Strips
Minimum Width: Cublicles And Offices
DHHS Safety and Health Program Opinions
25 NCAC 1N
Fungus Infestation Cleaning Protocol
How To Use A Fire Extinguisher
Space Heater Guide Memorandum
Space Heater Prohibition Memorandum
Miscellaneous Documents

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