Customer Service Excellence

Segment Objective:  Learning who your customers are as well as DHHS’s and DHHS-HR’s customer service expectations.

The customer service policy of DHHS is to meet and/or exceed customer expectations.

As an employee of DHHS-HR, you are to make it a priority to anticipate customer needs that inspire the highest level of customer trust and confidence.

While there are external customers (i.e., an applicant for a job) and internal customers (i.e., an employee with a benefit question), a good rule of thumb is to treat everyone you encounter directly or indirectly as a customer. 

Sometimes the responsibility for providing indirect customer service is not obvious because we normally think of customer service as a face-to-face exchange, such as the interaction between a store patron and clerk at a typical “Customer Service and Exchange/Return” counter.  Customer service often entails providing an indirect service.

Here is an example of indirect customer service:  Your job requires you to prepare personnel transactions.  You always make sure you do your work timely and include all relevant documentation.  Because you do it timely and with all the information requested, a co-worker receiving the results of your work can then perform his/her task more quickly.  As a result, you have provided good customer service to your co-worker. 

In DHHS-HR, providing excellent customer service is the expectation.  Great customer service establishes your credibility as well as the credibility of DHHS-HR.  This builds our customers’ confidence and trust and makes DHHS-HR a valued business partner. 

Below are customer service behaviors that DHHS-HR employees are expected to demonstrate:

  • Treat your customers with kindness, dignity and respect
  • Show pride in yourself and for those with whom you work
  • Listen to your customers
  • Make promises that you can keep
  • Deal with complaints in a professional manner; take the extra step to help a frustrated customer - - listen, do not judge, and
  • Be honest and sincere.

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