Working Titles

Organizational Unit Division of Human Resources
Division Level Division Director – Human Resources
Section Level Deputy Director Assistant Director
Branch Level Public Health-HR Manager Cherry Hospital-HR Manager
Unit Level Classification Analyst Classification Analyst

The above identifies the organizational levels and working titles.  Remember, working titles, are often used by management because they are more descriptive of the actual work performed.  However, a working title may not reflect the official job title of the employee.  Below is the DHHS-HR example using official job titles

Job Titles

Organizational Unit Division of Human Resources
Division Level Agency/University HR Director III
Section Level Personnel Director II Personnel Director II
Branch Level Personnel Director I    Personnel Director I
Unit Level Personnel Analyst III    Personnel Analyst II

In The News

Welcome to the NC DHHS Division of Human Resources new HR EDGE program. This program will include a combination of online and classroom coursework in a variety of human resources topic areas.

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The NC DHHS HR EDGE Program is open to NC DHHS employees only.

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