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NC Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Human Resources

Classification and Compensation


North Carolina State Government is a large, complex organization with an annual general fund budget of more than $25 billion and over 85,000 employees. Although the State's agencies have different missions and serve different constituencies, they share similar business functions, such as human resources, payroll, budget management, accounting and more. Building Enterprise Access for North Carolina's Core Operation Needs or BEACON is a statewide collaborative effort designed to transform the way the State does business by modernizing and standardizing key business processes in human resources, payroll, budget management, taxation, data storage and accounting.

In 2008 the state implemented the BEACON HR/Payroll system which is a database utilizing SAP R/3 software. DHHS “went live” in the system on April 1, 2008.

Personnel Administration (PA Action Processing)

There are a variety of personnel actions that may take place during the life cycle of a state employee (e.g., new hire, transfer, salary adjustment, leave of absence, reallocation, separation). In BEACON, these actions are referred to under the category of Personnel Administration (PA). All PA data is stored in a central database shared across system modules (e.g., PA, Benefits, Payroll) and shared between state agencies as employees transfer.

Helpful Hints

  • Operation New Day tools provide a step-by step guide to process a PA action. (This information does not duplicate information already provided in BEACON’s Business Process Procedures or BPP)

Organizational Management (OM Action Processing)

This module is designed to process position actions such as: creating positions, transferring positions, reallocations, and maintaining other position settings in the BEACON system. This module is also used to define organizational structures including reporting hierarchy used to generate o-charts.  

Helpful Hints

  • Operation New Day tools provide a step-by step guide to process an OM action. (This information does not duplicate information already provided in BEACON’s Business Process Procedures or BPP)

Security Access

Security access to the BEACON system allows employees to display HR data, manage business processes, maintain information, run reports, and various other human resource and payroll tasks.  Supervisors assign security access roles to positions based on job design and the employee’s functional need to access data in BEACON.  Typically, these security roles are assigned to positions responsible for the human resources, payroll, timekeeping and funding areas of each organization. These roles then dictate:

  • The activities the incumbent has access to perform in BEACON
  • The data the incumbent has authority to create and view 
  • The training courses the incumbent takes

Helpful Hints

  • Those with the access to PO13d can identify the security roles currently assigned to a position
  • HR Managers can complete a BEACON Security Request Form to request additional security roles and/or to remove existing roles assigned to a position.

Training Registration

Almost every NC state employee will participate in BEACON training to become familiar with how to access and maintain personal information in Employee Self Service (ESS). Beyond ESS, there are several other modules available in BEACON which include: Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Time Management, Payroll and Benefits. There is required training to gain access to these modules. In BEACON, training is:

  • Role based & targeted (driven by the job design)
  • Built on prerequisites
  • Pre-determined based on roles
  • Delivered using the following methods:
    • Instructor-led (ILT)
    • Computer-based (CBT)
    • Virtual classroom

To register for BEACON training, the Human Resources Manager completes a BEACON Security Change Form which is submitted to the Central Human Resources Classification & Compensation Section. The Security Change Form indicates the security roles assigned to a position. This information is then used by the Central Office to schedule classes.

Helpful Hints

  • Beacon University will send electronic confirmation directly to the employee communicating class, date, time, place and materials needed for instructor-led course(s).  Virtual class confirmation is also sent
  • Employee training is scheduled based on first available classes as indicated by the pre-requisites. Due to a lack of instructors, several classes are offered sparingly. It serves to the employee’s benefit to attend class when scheduled.
  • If an employee has more than three (3) no shows and/or reschedules, an e-mail will be sent to notify theHR Manager and to ask for time allowance to complete scheduled training.

Business Intelligence Reporting

The BI module of the BEACON system allows core users to run reports for a wide variety of business needs. Reports have been created for the Personnel Administration (PA) and Organizational Management (OM) modules. Each report is numbered and provides the flexibility to customize it to fit the specific needs of the user.

Helpful Hints

  • Access to BI Reports is granted automatically based on the security roles assigned to a position; or your HR Manager can request security access to the reports needed.
  • In BI reports, a user has access to the top org unit assigned to the associated role and to all other org units that flow down from that point
  • Because reporting typically takes a large amount of system resources large report requests should not be processed at the same time transactions are being entered
  • BI workshops are offered in through the Classification & Compensation Section. Please contact (919) 733-4344 to register for the next class or to be placed on a waiting list. Ready NC Connect NC