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NC Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Human Resources


Recruitment Strategies

Marketing Divisions and Facilities

In addition to the general benefits provided by state employment, your division or facility has a lot to offer applicants. Be sure to tell applicants why your place is the place to work! You can point out positives like:

  • what programs and services you offer
  • what state or national recognition you have received
  • what credentials and certifications your division or facility has obtained, and
  • interesting or significant history behind your division or facility

What makes you stand out from other employers in the area? Does your facility provide

  • Professional development opportunities for employees?
  • Training?  Career Development?
  • Flex time?
  • Special Pay Plans? (i.e. example, shift differential, on-call pay)

Be a sales person!

People are also interested in learning about the lifestyle the area has to offer. Be sure your out-of-town candidates know about the school systems (Department of Public Instruction), recreation (Chamber of Commerce), health care, industry, economics, etc. in your area.

Flex Time

If your organization allows and encourages variable work schedules such as flex time or telecommuting, use it as a recruiting tool. Variable work schedules allow employees to work four 10-hour days rather than five 8-hour days, for example (with supervisory approval). See our HR web site for more details.


Some work units in DHHS encourage and allow employees to telecommute. OSHR policy on Teleworking (telecommuting) permits certain employees to work at alternate work locations for all or part of the workweek. Allowing employees to work at home may accommodate a variety of personal and business needs and could be an attractive option for some applicants.

Work Sharing

Work sharing allows two people share a 40 hour per week job. One person may work 10 hours per week while the job-partner may work the remaining 30, for example. Or, more commonly, each job share partner works 20 hours per week. In some cases, a hiring manager may be able to use this option to keep a good employee who has been thinking about quitting to take care of family. The employee's supervisor may offer to reduce the employee's hours to half-time and advertise to find another part-time employee to share the position. Some creative managers realize that the "work share" arrangement allows them to split the position duties creatively, allowing them to use two employees with very different skills handling aspects of the job that best suit their varied backgrounds.

Internships and Co-op Programs

These programs provide undergraduate and graduate college students with an educational experience that bridges their classroom learning with valuable work experience in their chosen field.


An internship is a career-related program where students work to earn academic credit for their experience. DHHS internships are coordinated and administered from the Division of Human Resources, Recruitment Services through the Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office for the State Government Internship Program


A co-op is a career-related program where students commit to work for the same employer for multiple semesters in a paid work experience not for course credit. Positions are career relevant with progressive responsibilities. Schedules include:

  • parallel (student works part-time and goes to school part-time),
  • alternating (student alternates full-time semesters of work with full-time semesters of school), and
  • back-to-back (student may work consecutive semesters if summer is included).

Schedules must follow academic program guidelines. To learn more about hiring a co-op student, contact the college or university directly who offers majors that fit the career field of the job opening.

Career Enrichment Program

The Career Enrichment Program recruits rising graduates from the UNC system and from private, historically black colleges and universities for development of professional positions. Students placed through the Career Enrichment Program go into positions within divisions/institutions that have a project to be completed and long-term job prospects for the individual placed in the position. Contact Recruitment Services for more information.

NC Student Loan Repayment Program 

There are many loan repayment programs in North Carolina depending on the applicant's background or the profession he/she is entering. This could be an important recruitment tool to attract college graduates to state employment.

Note: The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA)has information on scholarship and loans for students majoring in health science and mathematics. Ready NC Connect NC