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NC Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Human Resources

Equal Employment Opportunity Institute (EEOI)

HR Classes Offered to DHHS Supervisors

This Equal Employment Opportunity Institute (EEOI) Level I course focuses on equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws, including American Disability Act (ADA), workplace harassment, and issues concerning the value and management of diversity. This course covers EEO law compliance and issues of workplace diversity in State government.

Note: DHHS also offers an online Workplace Harassment course that is required for all employees, supervisors, and managers.

General Course Objectives

Participants attending this course will:

  • Understand and help identify relevant federal Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations.
  • Become familiar with the North Carolina EEO laws and general statutes.
  • Understand the challenges of managing diversity in the workplace.
  • Help recognize the benefits of multiple perspectives in support of diversity in the workplace.
  • Learn to evaluate behavior, especially as it relates to personnel management decision-making.
  • Understand what it takes to retain, motivate, and promote culturally and socially diverse employees.
  • Help managers and supervisors start the analytical process of understanding how stereotyping and prejudice can affect managerial decisions in different work-related situations.
  • Learn to interview effectively in situations involving potential discrimination on the basis of age, sex, ethnic origin, or disability.
  • Assist managers/supervisors in creating an action plan to start the process of establishing an inclusive and productive workforce.

Intended Audience:

Supervisors and Managers


Staff Development and Human Resources Facilitators

To Register:

Note: OSHR will no longer accept registrations from DHHS.

  1. The participants check the DHHS EEOI July - December Training Schedule, complete the DHHS EEOI Enrollment form, and e-mail or give the request form to their supervisors.
  2. The participants' supervisors return the request forms to their division, facility or school Training Coordinators.
  3. The Training Coordinator faxes the forms to (919) 715-9238 Attention: Gloria Overby for verification of space availability and registration of participants for a class date. E-Mail: Gloria Overby, Fax number (919) 715-9238, Phone (919) 855-4995.
  4. Gloria will send an e-mail confirmation to the participants' supervisors/managers within one work-week from receipt.
    Important Note: Any participants who do not show up for class or cancel at the last minute will only be allowed to re-register once for another session. If participants do not attend the second scheduled class, their names will be referred to their directors for resolution.
  5. The DHHS EEO Director's office will maintain records of course attendance in their database. The Employee and Management Development (EMD) section will maintain records of course attendance and the state EEO office will verify compliance of supervisors and managers attending the EEOI class, based upon the information sent from DHHS EEO Director's office.


Check the DHHS EEOI July - December Training Schedule.

Location/Time Offered:

8:30 - 4:30 (first day)
8:30 - 1:30 (second day)

Contact Hours

10 hours