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NC Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Human Resources

Training Resources for Employees

Find Required and Optional Classes

Go to our listing of classes, who needs to take them, how long they last, and if they are required or optional.

Academic Assistance

What is Academic Assistance?

Employees can request reimbursement for job-related educational courses through an accredited community college or university. See the Academic Assistance Programexternal link section of the OSHR Learning and Development web site for more information.

How to Apply

The employee discusses the request with his or her supervisor and then completes the OSHR Academic Assistance Application formexternal link. The employee's supervisor submits the completed form to the division or facility Training Coordinators who routes it through the approval process.

Computer Training Resources

When DHHS employees need computer training, our department uses a number of sources to find the best, cost-effective local classes. Be sure to ask your supervisor first about the commonly used computer training resources for your division or facility.

DHHS also has links to a number of free online courses that may be another option. Your division or facility Training Coordinators may also be able to help you find the most economical options for your staff.

Check the following information to find the best option for you or your staff.

Professional Skills Program at Personnel Development Center (PDC)

Check the current listing of Raleigh courses for state employees on the Professional Skills Programexternal link site co-sponsored by the Professional Development Center (PDC) of the Office of State Human Resources and Wake Tech.

Registration for these classes must go through this process:

  • The employee or supervisor downloads and completes the site registration formexternal link making sure that the cost has been authorized (the budget code and signature of the Business Officer is included on the form).
  • The supervisor completes the registration form and faxes it to the division or facility Training Coordinators
  • The Training Coordinator faxes the registration form to (919) 733-6087 or e-mails a scanned copy (JPG or PDF) to Marilyn Barnes.

You can also take class the covers the information that you need to become a notary for the State of North Carolina or attend a certificate program, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Certification.

Free On-Line Courses

Check the On-Line Courses section for free Internet classes on many basic computer programs. Be sure to talk to your supervisor about taking time away from your regular duties before you start an online class.

Community Colleges and Universities

Local community colleges and universities often offer computer training courses and other training resources through their Continuing Education Programs. Depending on your geographic location and office budgetary resources, you might be able to find course options to meet your needs. You can also check the individual community colleges and university sites to find regular degree program information.

Check with your supervisor about any question about budgetary or reimbursement specifics using the Academic Assistance Program.