HR Partnership Overview

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When you think of Human Resources, do you think of partners and support specialists for you as an employee at DHHS? So many of the daily functions in any agency depend upon a strategic partnership between executives, managers, supervisors, employees and the Human Resources division.

For example, DHHS's HR Classification and Compensation specialists can help managers with needs such as establishing new positions, determining exempt/non-exempt classification, and position and organizational design. Class and Comp can also help you with temporary positions, trainee progressions, and with questions about secondary employment, among other position-based needs.

Benefits specialists are important to the agency because they have the skills and expertise necessary to coach employees through benefits needs. Health Benefit representatives are also familiar with employee benefits most likely to attract and retain workers.

Workplace safety specialists from the HR area manage compliance with U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations that reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Workplace safety specialists also engage employees in promoting awareness and safe handling of dangerous equipment and hazardous chemicals.

HR learning and development specialists coordinate employee onboarding efforts, an essential step in forging a strong employer-employee relationship. The learning and development area of HR also provides training that supports the agency's employment practices and employee development to prepare leaders at all levels of DHHS.

In this course--Meet Your HR Partners--you will follow the experiences of Darlene, a supervisor at the Mary J. Wallenstein Alcohol and Drug Treatment facility in Spring Lake, North Carolina. As Darlene discovers, her many HR Partners are vital to her work as a manager. This is a fictional scenario designed to help you understand that Human Resources is the core of our productive, engaged organization. Why? Because skilled management of employees and support of their productivity is a vital foundation for our agency mission--protecting the health and safety of all North Carolinians and providing essential human services.

Course Introduction