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Direct Deposit Authorization

Why do I need to fill out this form?

Direct Deposit is required of all employees as a condition of employment. Direct deposit means that your paycheck is automatically deposited into your bank account every pay day (usually the last day of the month). You need to fill out this form so that the Office of the State Controller -- where your paycheck comes from -- is authorized and has the correct information to make sure your paycheck can be deposited promptly on payday.

What is the advantage of having Direct Deposit as opposed to getting a printed check?

Direct deposits are guaranteed to be in your account by payday. They go directly into the bank and eliminate the chance of a check getting lost or stolen.

Who qualifies for Direct Deposit?

All full-time employees qualify for direct deposit. Other employees may also be qualified for direct deposit. Check with your department or agency's HR representative if you are not sure about your eligibility for direct deposit.

Is there a fee to have my pay direct deposited to my bank?


Will my first paycheck be directly deposited into my bank account?

It depends on the date that you complete the form and when it reaches the payroll office. Unless you are completing the form within the first couple of days of the month, your first check will probably not make it into your bank account through direct deposit and it will be issued directly to you on pay day.

How do I change my Direct Deposit if necessary in the future?

You can get another Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change form from this website or from your local HR office.

If I change banks or accounts, should I close out my old account right away as soon as I have completed the change form?

You should always wait to make sure that your paycheck is deposited into the new account before closing the old account. If you close the old account too soon, the bank may not be able to process the deposit, your paycheck will be returned to Federal Reserve and it could take up to 15 days for your paycheck to be reissued.

Are there any special pay considerations for teachers or school support staff?

If you are a teacher or support staff person working 10 or 11 months per year, go to the educators' pay information section to read some important information about how your pay is handled.

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