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Form I-9 U.S. Employment Eligibility Verification

Download this form (PDF)*

Who needs to complete this form? Do citizens and nationals of the U.S. need to complete the form?

Yes, all new employees must complete this form and present required identification. If you are a citizen or national of the U.S., you are automatically eligible for employment but must also present proof of employment eligibility and identity and complete an Employment Eligibility Verification form (Form I-9). (Citizens of the U.S. include people born in Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands. Nationals of the U.S. include persons born in American Samoa, including Swains Island.)

Why does this form need to be completed?

The I-9 has been created by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to verify that an individual is indeed eligible to work in the U.S. Therefore, all employers are required by the government to obtain the information on this form before hiring an individual.

Who completes Section 1?

A new employee should complete Section 1 of the I-9 form no later than close of business on his/her first day of work.

Who completes Section 2?

The employer completes Section 2 of the I-9 form.

What forms of Identification are acceptable?

You will find a list of acceptable forms of identification on page 3 of the I-9 form.

Important Note:
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office has changed some of the documents that you can submit as proof of both Identity and Employment Eligibility (List A on the I-9 form). The form will be changed soon, but until then, please note the following changes.

The following are no longer acceptable:

  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (List A#2)
  • Certificate of Naturalization (List A#3)
  • Alien Registration Receipt Card I-151(List A#5)
  • Unexpired Reentry Permit (List A#8)
  • Unexpired Refugee Travel Document (List A#9)

The following is now acceptable:

  • The Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766).

Is a work ID card acceptable as proof of identity for the I-9?

No! Your department or agency cannot accept one of its own IDs as proof of your identity.

Can I be fired if I fail to produce the required document(s) within three (3) business days?

Yes. You can be legally terminated if you fail to produce the required document(s), or a receipt for a replacement document(s), within three (3) business days of the date employment begins.

May I present a photocopy of a document to an employer?

No. Your employer must see the original document(s). Due to legal requirements, you must appear in person to present your identification. The only exception is that you may present a certified copy of a birth certificate. Employers may photocopy the document(s) you present. These photocopies may only be used for the verification process and must be retained with the I-9.

Can I use an expired “Green Card?”

An expired card can be used to satisfy Form I-9 requirements for new employment. However, you should renew the card within 90 days from the date you were hired.

Can I use a restricted Social Security Card or ITIN for verification?

Aliens who present proof of temporary work authorization are issued SSA cards bearing the restriction "Valid only with INS Authorization". SSA cards that are restricted in this way are not acceptable to satisfy the Form I-9 requirements. Furthermore, some aliens have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) that they present to employers. An ITIN is never acceptable for employment eligibility verification purposes.

* .PDF refers to Portable Document Format, which is a readable format for many types of web documents. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you will not be able to see the form. Acrobat Reader is free and available at the Adobe website:

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