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Optional Insurance

Note: The following information applies to educational support staff who work in DHHS schools and institutions.

If you are a 10-month or 11-month employee (not a "115C educator), your insurance premiums will be handled in a special way to make sure that your insurance coverage continues while you are off the regular payroll.

  • You will have double premiums deducted at the end of the school term for your State Health Plan and any flex benefits you have (optional insurance that is deducted under the pre-tax program).
    • If your last month is May, the double deductions will be taken out of your April and May paychecks for July and August.
    • If your last month is June, the double deductions will be taken out of your May paycheck only for August.
  • You will be responsible to send in the premiums for any other insurance you have that is not covered under the State Health Plan or the flex benefit plan. The list below includes most of the deductions and insurance companies that you will have to pay directly (if you have any of these benefits). Be sure to check with your supervisor or HR rep if you need more information on how to handle these payments over the summer months:
    • 401K Plan and 457(b) (Prudential) Plan
    • ARAG Legal Plan (formerly Legalwise)
    • Bankers Security Life (Reliastar)
    • Colonial Life
    • Kanawha Insurance (Dental)
    • Professional Insurance Company (disability coverage through Pierce Insurance)
    • Protective Life (Universal Life) Insurance
    • State Employees Association of NC
    • State Employees Credit Union
    • United Teachers Association of NC

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Last updated: April 2, 2009

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