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DHHS Training

Making sure that you are adequately trained to do your job is a priority here at DHHS. If you need certain courses during your probationary period to master your job, those courses are usually taught by qualified division or institution trainers. Your supervisor will let you know what mandatory courses will be scheduled for you. You may be required to participate in mandatory training to achieve specific skill levels during your trainee or probationary period. Employees who do not successfully complete these courses may be terminated during their probationary period.

Other general skills, computer classes and supervisory or management courses are offered through other resources. Your supervisor or division/institution may offer you a variety of different training options. This may be working with another more experienced employee or working through a training manual. Our department also offers a number of online courses that you can take from a desktop or home computer. Your supervisor will also review any developmental areas you will need to work on as a part of your annual Workplan.

Click here for a list of classes offered at DHHS. If you see some courses that you would like to take, let your supervisor know.

Click here to view a listing of DHHS required and optional training courses.

Click here if you would like to read the Office of State Personnel Training policy, Section 9.

The following are other programs related to training:

  • Certified Public Managers Program (CPMP)

The CPMP is a joint effort of North Carolina State government and the University System of North Carolina. The program is administered by the Office of State Personnel. Click here for more details.

  • Academic Assistance Program

Some employees may be eligible for reimbursement for certain courses that are related to their job skills from accredited institutions. Click here for more details.


If you have gone through all of the pages in this Orientation program, you have completed the required portions of the New Employee Orientation. You may access the checklist to make sure that you have completed each section. Also, be sure to sign and date the checklist and turn it in to your supervisor to verify your completion of the Orientation program.


Click on the right arrow below or the Resources button to the left before leaving the program to access some other important information which can help you in your new position with DHHS. You might want to print out or bookmark some of the resources for future reference.

If you do not plan to review the resources section at this time, you may go ahead and complete a short evaluation to let us know how well the online Orientation worked for you or if you have any suggestions for improvement. After you complete the evaluation, you may also print a "Certificate of Completion" from that screen.



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