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Vacation / Holidays


State employees receive eleven (11) paid holidays per year. Generally, three (3) days are granted for Christmas if the holiday falls during the week.

The Office of State Personnel (OSP) keeps a listing of current holidays updated in an online Holidays chart.


If you work full-time, you will earn vacation time each month depending on how long you have worked for the state. (Part-time employees who work 20 hours or more per week earn a pro-rated amount of vacation leave based on the number of hours worked per week.) The following chart shows the rate of leave and how many days you can earn per year if you work full-time:

Years of Total State Service Hours Granted Each Month Hours Granted Each Year Days Granted Each Year
Less than 5 9 hrs. 20 min. 112 14
At least 5
but less than 10
11 hrs. 20 min. 136 17
At least 10
but less than 15
13 hrs. 20 min. 160 20
At least 15
but less than 20
15 hrs. 20 min. 184 23
20 or more 17 hrs. 20 min. 208 26

You must request vacation leave in advance and should only take the leave after receiving your supervisor's approval.

There are a number of other policies that apply to vacation leave. Here are some of the policies that may be important to know as a new employee:

  • You cannot earn vacation leave indefinitely. There is a "cap" of 240 hours that you can "carry over" from year to year. If you have over 240 hours accumulated at the end of any year, the extra hours automatically convert to your sick leave balance.
  • If you leave state employment, you will be paid for any unused vacation leave (up to 240 hours).
  • You must record vacation leave on your timesheets rounded to the nearest 5-minute total.
    • If you are out of the office for 2 hours and 38 minutes on personal business, you would record 2 hours and 40 minutes vacation leave.
    • If you arrive at work 1 hour and 17 minutes late after taking a friend to the airport, you would record 1 hour and 15 minutes vacation leave.

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