How to Write a Result Expectation

Step One: List Duties, Tasks, and Activities

Step Two: List Activities in Common Groupings

Step Three: Identify the Results to Accomplish the Outcome

Step Four: Identify the Measure for the Result Expectation

How Outcomes and Result Expectations link to Organizational Goals


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A Guide for Writing Result Expectations


The primary objective of this guide is to demonstrate how to write a result expectation for an employee's work performance plan. The secondary objective is to provide an overview of how an employee's result expectation on a work performance plan links to an organization's objective.

The information in this guide supplements and is not a replacement for DHHS performance management classroom training. The classroom training is more comprehensive and covers in depth the importance of communication between the supervisor and employee and tracking/measuring performance.

Writing measurable result expectations on a work performance plan takes practice. It is not easy. It requires understanding the organization's objectives and the employee's contributions to achieve those objectives.

The State's performance management system has always had the expectation that an employee's result expectations on a work performance plan link to organizational objectives. More often than not, work performance plans list duties and tasks performed by an employee and not the results of the employee's work.

To demonstrate how to write a result expectation, an example of a neuromedical facility healthcare technician is used exclusively in this guide in an attempt to clarify the process which can be used for any job. State Operated Healthcare facility managerial jobs are used as examples to demonstrate the link of a Healthcare Technician's work performance plan to department goals and objectives.

Certain liberties were taken in an attempt to simplify the message in this guide, so some performance measures do not accurately reflect the measures of a division or facility. However, the tasks and duties used represent an actual Healthcare Technician job.