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Standard Operating Procedures



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  1. Office of State Personnel will send a monthly Longevity Payment Schedule report (three copies) around the 21st of each month.


  1. 2. Review Longevity Payment Schedule (monthly report from OSP) and compare with Longevity Log. The same employee’s listed on the Longevity Payment Schedule should also be list on the Longevity Log to pay out for the same month.


  1. If there are any discrepancies, review PMIS System and the PD 135A/6120 calculations.  Make the necessary correction by adjusting either PMIS with a PD-135A or adjust the 6120 and Longevity Spreadsheet Report (shown below and in forms section) with the correct calculation.  If PMIS System calculation and Longevity Payment Schedule are incorrect, update PMIS creditable state service and note on the Longevity Payment Schedule Report “Do not pay individual, PD-135A has been done to correct state service.”  Review the PMIS Manual (Personnel Form section / page 4-23 thru 4-34) on instructions for processing Creditable State Service PD-135A.  You may download manual from website: www.osp.state.nc.us, under Division & Services.


  1. Notify timekeeper and employee of the updated Adjusted State Service Date (ASSD)/Longevity Eligibility Date and leave accrual amount earned based on updated ASSD.


  1. Type Longevity eligibility letters for those employees who are eligible for their first longevity check and/or for those employees who have had a longevity status change (see example letter below).


  1. Have HR manager approve longevity letters and Longevity Payment Schedule.


  1. Submit (1) copy of the Longevity Payment Schedule to DHHS Controller’s Office/Payroll, 2020 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699 by payroll deadline and the other (2) copies keep in the Personnel Tech.’s longevity printout file.


  1. Distribute longevity letters to those employees who are eligible for their first longevity check and/or for those employees who have had a longevity status change.







            North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services






TO:                   Employee’s Name


FROM:              Personnel Manager’s Name


SUBJECT:          Longevity Payment



In order to recognize long-term service of permanent employees, longevity pay is given to those having at least ten years service with the State.  Effective December 1, 2004, you have «Years» years of total state service, which entitles you to receive a longevity payment based on «Percentage»% of your current annual salary.  You will receive your longevity payment in the amount of $«Amount».  Payment will be included in your regular monthly pay to be received Date.  All tax deductions (federal, state and FICA) will be calculated from your current tax exemption status and 6% will be withheld from your total pay for retirement contributions.


Thank you for your years of service to the State of North Carolina.




Cc:      Personnel file

Longevity Spreadsheet Report




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