Human Resources (HR)


Standard Operating Procedures


Military Leave (ML)

Original Effective Date:


Revised Effective Date:






Note: Military leave includes a variety of the Uniformed Services.  Please read Office of State Personnel Policy Manual Section 5 or website www.osp.state.nc.us under Personnel Policies, Section 5 (Leave) for more detailed information.  Follow policy as established in the OSP manual.         



  1. Employee provides copy of military orders.


  1. Read the orders to determine if leave qualifies for leave options and benefits

      (refer to above manual or website).


  1. Notify timekeeping/payroll of qualified military leave for pay and benefit purposes.


  1. Generate letter informing employee of his/her Military Leave benefit period and his/her responsibilities for payroll deductions while on leave.


  1. DHHS Classification & Compensation Section provides assistance with PD-105 if necessary for Military Leave LWOP.  Be sure to include on PD-105 such information as beginning and ending dates for the 30 days (for the Active Reserve), exhaustion of leave, if eligible for differential pay, exhaustion of leave, or leave balances, and exactly what the pay will be.


  1. Reinstate by policy guidelines. Employee must provide a copy of DD214 (discharge paperwork).