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Standard Operating Procedures


Retirement Application Process

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Note: The Retirement Application Process, forms and instructions are listed in the Retirement Section, pages 123-136 of the Retirement Employer Manual.





  1. Employee must complete an “Application for Retirement” (Form 6).


  1. Employee must complete an “Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit” (Form Ret-170).


  1. Employee must complete a State Health Plan “Retired Group Enrollment/Change Application” (Form Ret-HM).


  1. Employee submits the completed and signed forms to his/her Health Benefit Representative.


  1. Employee must submit projected timesheet to his/her Health Benefit Representative for a determination of estimated vacation and bonus leave balances.


  1. The Health Benefit Representative completes portions of the Employer Certification on the Form 6 to include the projected vacation and bonus leave balances. The longevity payment amount is listed on Form 6 also.


  1. The Health Benefit Representative copies and forwards all originals to DHHS-Payroll for completion of the Projected Compensation portion of Form 6.


  1. The Payroll Officer will forward all originals to the Retirement System and send a completed copy back to Human Resources.


  1. The employee will then be mailed an “Election of Benefits” form (Form 6E) and an “Income Tax Withholding Election” form (Form Ret-290) from the Retirement Division.



You can view and print the North Carolina Retirement System’s “Applications and Forms” at: