Human Resources (HR)


Standard Operating Procedures



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  1. 1. Upon receipt of written notice of separation, follow the HR responsibilities listed in the DHHS Separation or Transfer from Employment policy. Following receipt of the Employee Separation or Transfer Notification form, the Employee Separation or Transfer Supervisor Checklist and the Separation Action Form (SAF), with the authorized signatures, the employee’s personnel file is pulled from the active files. A Separations Check List is attached to the employee file to be checked off as each action is completed.


  1. Request the employee’s original timesheet with a year-to-date timesheet audit.


  1. Request the employee’s performance evaluation (PMP) close out.


  1. On PMIS, complete PD-105 Separation Action. Review the PMIS Manual Direct Entry System Section, for instructions for processing the PD-105. You may download manual from website: www.osp.state.nc.us under Division & Services. Send electronic copy of PD 105 to DHHS payroll.
  2. 5. Send the DHHS Separation Information Memorandum to the employee that includes contact information for benefit vendors. In PMIS access the employee’s history screen and then hit PF8 to view the employee’s current payroll deductions. Retain one copy of the memorandum in the personnel file.


  1. Notify the benefits vendors listed on the PF8 Screen in PMIS of the employee separation.


  1. Follow agency procedure for exit interviews. The employee may also complete an exit interview online.


  1. Review the Separation Checklist to ensure that the Employee Separation or Transfer Notification, Employee Separation or Transfer Supervisor Checklist and a Separation Action Form, PMP Close Out, original timesheet, timesheet audit and the approved PD-105 from OSP has been received. Note on the checklist that all actions have been completed.


  1. Place the personnel file in the Inactive Files. If the employee is transferring to another State agency, the file should be forwarded to the hiring agency. A dummy file should be retained to include a copy of the following: PD 105 separation, Separation Action Form (SAF), Employee Separation or Transfer Notification form, leave audit sheet, 6120 State Service and letter to the forwarding agency.