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Standard Operating Procedures


Service Awards

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  1. Request a PMX824 HR printout from DHHS Classification & Compensation Section. The printout will list the employee name, service award years, number of months of service, and service award due date.  Also include employees who have retired within the calendar year. 


OSP Personnel Manual website: 

Section 6 - Employee Benefits & Award Benefits: 

Service Awards: 


  1. Review printout and determine number of service award packets needed for corresponding service award years (i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20 25, 30 year packets).


  1. Call vendor: C.A. Short to request packets. 
    The awards can be viewed at the Department of Administration (DOA) website:                       


    Scroll down to #080A  Awards, Service and Retirement.
    The packets include a letter from the governor, a gold sticker with the number of years, a color brochure of the awards, an order form, and an envelope for mailing.


  1. Once the packets have been received, send them to the employees with a letter from the HR office indicating a response deadline date for completed information to be returned to the HR office (suggested average turn-around request time of two weeks).


  1. Upon receipt of the completed order forms, complete a Purchase Order (PO) for all the awards and give to the purchasing department for approval and ordering. Generally, the order is received within six weeks.


  1. Upon receipt, verify order and label individual awards with employee name, number of service years, and location (i.e. Division, Section, and Unit).  Awards are ready for distribution at Service Awards ceremony.