Human Resources (HR)


Standard Operating Procedures


Workers’ Compensation (WC)

Original Effective Date:


Revised Effective Date:






  1. Notification of injury/incident from supervisor/manager is received.

  2. If the injury occurred at work, Human Resources will complete a Medical Authorization Form listing the employee’s name, location, date of injury, and Social Security number, and will assign the Employer Authorization Number.

  3. Advise the employee that he/she is to see a CorVel Network Provider. A list of providers is located on the CorVel website; click on the “Provider Look-Up” tab on the upper right corner, use the “drop down” arrow and select “CorVel”; under “Find a Provider” click “search”.  In the “Select a Network” area, use the “drop down” arrow and select “Workers’ Compensation, wait for the page to update, fill in your search criteria in the “Enter Search Criteria” area (s) and click on the “Find Providers” button at the bottom of the page.

  4. Have employee complete an Employee Accident/Injury Report and the supervisor complete the Incident Investigation Report and return to Human Resources within 24 hours of injury.

  5. Human Resources completes a First Notice of Loss at www.CorVel.com, throughCareMc”, within 24 hours of incident. A password assigned by CorVel is required. 

  6. Keep a copy for the file.

  7. Log information into workers’ comp database report for your records.