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Educators Disciplinary Actions Guidelines (GS 115C)


For complaints, commendations, suggestions for correction or improvement concerning an educator's professional conduct, the Employee Relations Specialist/Human Resources Manager should:


·        Monitor the five day notice to the educator before allowing a letter of complaint/commendation, etc (including a written warning) to be placed in personnel file.

·        Review to make sure that complaints/commendations, etc. are signed.

·        Remember that educator has unlimited timeframe to place a denial or explanation in their file.


 Dismissals, Demotions and Disciplinary Suspensions


  1. Requires the superintendent's recommendation before employee is dismissed, demoted, or placed on disciplinary suspension without pay.  (Phone Number to DHHS Office of Education Services 919-715-7538.)
  2. Written notice must be given to educator about superintendent's intention to make a recommendation concerning a dismissal, demotion, or disciplinary suspension
  3. If local management is preparing the notice for the Superintendent’s signature, review notice to ensure the following:

            a.  statement of the grounds upon which recommendation is based

            b.  copy of G.S. 115C-325 included

c.   include list of case managers (not included in a disciplinary suspension, demotion of a School Administrator, or reduction-in-force) with a notice that the educator may eliminate up to one third of the case managers from the list, if a case manager hearing is requested.

d.   give statement that educator has a 14 calendar day timeframe (15 days for a disciplinary suspension, demotion or reduction-in-force) from employee's receipt of the notice to (1) submit a written request for a hearing by a case manager (except for disciplinary suspension, demotion, or reduction-in-force); (2) submit a written request to Superintendent for a hearing within 10 days by a Department Hearing Officer; (3) submit a written resignation to the superintendent, to be effective as the superintendent determines necessary; or (4) take no action  



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