Human Resources
Title: Standard Operating Procedures
Procedure: DHHS Employee Relations Templates
Effective Date: 10/5/12

DHHS Employee Relations Templates

Administrative Investigation Templates

  1. DHHS Internal Investigation Form
  2. DHHS Employee/Witness Statement Form
  3. Investigatory Status With Pay Template

Career Banding Pay Dispute Review Guidelines

  1. DHHS Form Number DHR CC 4028

Disciplinary Process Guidelines GS126

  1. Employee Disciplinary Action Routing Form
  2. Documented Counseling Guide
  3. Separation from a Probationary/Time-Limited/Temporary/Trainee Appointment Template
  4. Written Warning Template
  5. Disciplinary Suspension Without Pay Template
  6. Demotion Template
  7. Dismissal Template
  8. Separation Due to Unavailability--Scheduling Letter Template
  9. Separation Due to Unavailability--Guidelines
  10. Separation Due to Unavailability--Separation Letter Template
  11. Take No Action Template
  12. Voluntary Resignation Without Notice Templates
  13. Reassignment Agreement Template
  14. Investigatory Placement With Pay Template
  15. Pre-Disciplinary Conference Template
  16. Separation Due to Unavailability—STD Separation Letter Template

DHHS Exit Interview Survey Guidelines

  1. DHHS Exit Interview Survey

Directive III-8 Employee Grievance Policy Guidelines

  1. Employee Grievance Filing Form DHHS 0660

Settlement Agreement Guidelines

  1. Settlement Agreement Template
  2. Employee Relations SOPs