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Career Banding Pay Dispute Review Guidelines



Career employees subject to the NC State Personnel Act may dispute a salary decision by filing a written complaint found on the career banding website with their division, facility or school HR office under the following conditions:


         The complaint must be filed within 15 calendar days following written notification of the salary decision. Complaints received by the HR office beyond the I5-day timeframe will be considered untimely.


         The complaint must be a disagreement with a salary decision related to a promotion, reassignment, or career progression adjustment (as defined by the OSP Career Banding Salary Administration Policy) and shall be based on at least one (1) of the following allegations:


1.       The amount of the salary adjustment is less than the appropriate amount as determined through pay factors.


2.       No salary increase has been granted when application of pay factors would support a salary increase and funds are available.


3.       The overall competency level has been inappropriately evaluated.


4.       Employees not receiving a pay raise solely because of limited funding may dispute the decision if DHHS did not adhere to its plan for distribution of available funding in career banding salary decisions.


         Employees must receive a final decision in writing with copies to the person who made the salary decision and to the HR office no later than 60 calendar days following the receipt of the complaint. The decision is final.

No other dispute issues shall be considered under this policy.


Website Resource:


DHHS Career Banding Policy



Career Banding Website



Dispute Form : http://www.dhhs.state.nc.us/humanresources/banding/form_CareerBandingPayDisputeReviewProcess.pdf