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Fitness For Duty/Risk Evaluation Guidelines

Original Effective Date:


Revised Effective Date:

Reviewed 4/10


Fitness For Duty/Risk Evaluation Guidelines


Note: This evaluation is to be used only in extraordinary situations where an employee may pose a hazard or risk to themselves or others in the workplace.



  1. The Employee Relations Specialist must contact the Central Office Employee Relations Section to communicate a recommendation for a fitness for duty/risk examination.


  1. The ER Specialist must ensure that management provides the employee with a letter outlining the following: 


(a)  workplace concerns;

(b)  specific reasons for the evaluation;

(c)  expectations for compliance in resolving the concern; and

(d)  consequences for failure to accept all conditions of the referral.


  1. All evaluations are handled by the DHHS EAP Coordinator





  DHHS Fitness-for-Duty/Risk Evaluation Policy



The situation may warrant using the Investigatory Placement With Pay policy in conjunction with the Fitness-for-Duty/Risk Evaluation policy.  See item 27 in the Disciplinary Action policy.



   Investigatory Placement with Pay Guidelines