Steps Forms Used Who's Accountable?
Identify position number for funding source.   HR(Salary Admin)

Potential Dual Employment candidate identified/selected.

  HR (Recruitment)
Borrowing agency makes request to Parent Agency to allow candidate to work dual, including number of proposed hours and hourly rate.

Request Letter (Borrowing Agency)

Decision Letter (Parent Agency)

Employee/Borrowing Agency

When Borrowing agency receives request approval, a formal Dual Employment Agreement form is completed, signed, and forwarded to Parent agency. (Parent agency submits to BSS.)

Dual Employment Agreement Form HR/Budget

Employee begins dual employment as of effective date in contract.

Dual Employment Process Instructions Employee
Employee completes paper timesheet for borrowing agency work. Paper timesheet is signed by employee and borrowing agency supervisor. Dual Employment Process Webinar (3/19/13) Timekeeping
Timekeeping forwards weekly timesheet to HR. HR ensures forms have required SAP information (name, ID #, classification, rate of pay (determining whether it is at straight pay rate, OT or Holiday rate) and position number being paid out of. Dual Employment Timesheet Timekeeping/HR

HR faxes timesheet to Parent Agency for signature.  (Parent agency will fax completed timesheet to BSS once it has been verified that there are no overlaps in work time.)
**BSS enters time from timesheet. Payroll processes the additional payment on IT0015 (Additional Payments) with employee’s regular pay. ) Employee will receive one check on their normal payday. Payment will show on a separate line as Dual Employment.


Borrowing agency may call or e-mail Parent agency to verify payment via PUOC_10

Place copy of timesheet in appropriate file.    

OSHR Policy Reference: Section 3 Dual Employment