Steps Forms Used Who's Accountable?
Notify Supervisor of dual employment opportunity Dual Employment Agreement Form Employee

Review Powerpoint dated August 18, 2009

Complete Parent Agency information on Dual Employment Agreement Form.

For timekeeping purposes, ensure employee is “positive time” at parent Agency

Dual Employment Process Webinar (3/19/13)

Dual Employment Agreement Form

Parent Agency Supervisory/Management
Approve or disapprove Dual Employment Agreement and return to Division/Institutional HR if appropriate Dual Employment Process Instructions Parent Agency Human Resources and Budget Officer

If approved, make a copy of the Dual Employment Agreement for employee, personnel file and Borrowing Agency HR.

  Human Resources

Sign, certify and forward  Dual Employment Agreement to BEST Shared Services

Note: If work, position number or hourly rate changes, a new Dual Employment form must be submitted to BSS with explanation
  Human Resources
Review Monitoring of Tasks Report BOO99 for Dual Employment Actions   Human Resources
Place copy of agreement in appropriate file   Human Resources
Obtain, sign and forward timesheet from Borrowing Agency to BSS for payment processing. Dual Employment Timesheet Budget Officer and Supervisors

If borrowing Agency is Non-Beacon, a CP-30 should be submitted with each payment request

Place copy of  CP-30 in appropriate file    
Review Monitoring Report B0099 for Actions on Dual Employment Actions    
Check PUOC_10 to verify salary    

OSP Policy Reference: Section 3 Dual Employment