What can employees do to make it work?

Is telecommuting right for you?

So, you think you want to work at home? It takes a lot of self analysis, planning, and convincing your boss to make it work! Go through most or all of the links below to help you think through it carefully. Telecommuting works well for some but is not a workable option for others.

Telecommuting is not for everybody -- isolation, procrastination, even boredom -- get to some. Because their offices can be anywhere they park their laptops sometimes, workaholics often find it difficult to end their days. Temptations such as neighbors who think work-at-homers aren't really working, the lure of household chores, and family distractions can easily undermine others. On the other hand, some telecommuters thrive with reduced stress, increased productivity, increased job satisfaction and morale, and better work and family balance (especially for those who have long commutes.)

Start Exploring

First, be sure to go through some of the self-assessments below to help you decide whether your job and your personality are a good fit for telecommuting. If so, continue exploring some of the other links below to get ready to have a successful telecommuting experience.

Click on the links below for any areas you'd like to explore. They are arranged by topic area:

  • Self-Assessments
  • Planning
  • Making the Case
  • Setting up the Home Office


Telecommuter Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Is telecommuting right for you?

Telework Tools
Questions that you must ask yourself before deciding if telecommuting is right for you.

Planning and Making it Work

One FAQ: Won't telecommuters feel lonely working by themselves?
A brief answer to help you think about this potential problem and how to deal with it.

Article: Driven to Distraction
How to deal with distractions when working at home.

Article: Time Management for Telecommuters
Time Management tips to tap into self-discipline.

Sign: Telecommuting Sign
Sign to post in your office or cubicle when you are going to be telecommuting. It has a spot for you to add your home phone or other contact information. (Decide whether this will be appropriate if the sign will be visible to the public or clients.)

Making the Case

CNN article: Telecommuting: the pitch
How to approach and convince your supervisor to allow you to telecommute.

Form: Telecommuting Agreement Word -or- PDF
Agreement form that can be used by all divisions and institutions. The form can be added to but none of the sections should be deleted. See form for specific instructions.

Setting up the Home Office

About.com article: Making a Home Office Work
Simple, inexpensive ideas for creating a home office.

IBM article: Home Terminal
Practical advice on setting up your home office and avoiding injury.

Cornell University article: Ergonomic Guidelines
Practical tips for setting up a comfortable workstation.

Cornell University article: Vision Issues
How to avoid eye strain, blurred vision, burning or irritated eyes and headaches.

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