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Investigating Workplace Violence



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as an investigative reporter -- traveling around the world, interviewing exciting people, uncovering fascinating stories?

Well, as part of this Workplace Violence course, you'll get to do just that:

  • The "traveling around the world" will be via the Internet,
  • The "exciting people" will include your online sometimes grumpy editor (you'll meet him later -- watch out!), and
  • The "fascinating stories" may be a little scary but important to think about.

For Employees:

This online course is just part of your complete Workplace Violence Training. When everyone in your work unit has completed this online "investigation" of some of the basics, your supervisor should arrange a follow-up meeting to watch a video and discuss some issues and plans that directly affect your work unit. Read through the course objectives if you would like to.

For Supervisors and Managers:

Be sure to complete this online course along with your employees. After you complete this section on the basics, you'll be directed to a special section for supervisors since your role is so important in prevention, recognizing potential problems, and handling difficult situations. You'll also find a printable guide there that you can save for future reference. Read through the course objectives if you would like to.

When you have completed the online course, go to the Planning Section to arrange the video and discussion meeting. Your employees can learn the basics of Workplace Violence here, but without some follow-up in your particular office or institution, their training will not be complete! As you'll see in the Planning Section, your follow-up meeting will take only about an hour and we've done most of the planning for you.

You might want to give your employees a reasonable time frame to complete the online course and schedule your follow-up discussion meeting soon after, so it won't "slip through the cracks" with all of the other important day-to-day work planned. (Be sure to give your employees sufficient notice and help them get to another computer or arrange for some uninterrupted time to complete the online course. Review our Managers' Guide to Online Training if you have not already seen it.)

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