DHHS Workplace Violence Training
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Supervisory Training


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Do you know how important your role is in preventing and handling Workplace Violence? Extremely important!

Even if your employees think of you as more of an administrator or team member on a day-to-day basis, during times of trouble, they will be likely to look to you for strong leadership and guidance.

To be prepared for this important role, you'll explore the following topics:

  • What would you do? Answering some "what-if" questions using the "Handling Traumatic Events" handbook issued by the federal government.
  • Exploring resources for dealing with employee stress, bad morale, and mental health issues -- areas identified as "key issues facing the organization around workplace violence" in a December, 2001 DHHS survey.
  • Planning your follow-up staff meeting when everyone in your work unit has completed the employee section of the course.

Getting Started:

This part of the training will be a little different from the employee basics section that you just completed. Instead of exploring, taking notes, and then answering some questions, you will get the "final" set of Research Questions to use as an "open-book test." The questions will prompt you to explore several online resources to look for the answers. You may know some of the answers without looking them up, but be sure to look at the resources, anyway. They are good resources that contain important information, including some ideas, techniques, and tips that you may not know! When you complete the questions, turn in your completed questions to your boss for "credit" in completing the course.

Research Questions

Before or after you complete the Research Questions, you can go to the Follow-up Meeting Plan linked below at any time to begin planning your staff meeting. Remember, your employees' training (as well as your own training) is not complete without this follow-up discussion and video session. You might want to explore this Follow-up Meeting Plan section right away, so you can set a date and reserve a state library video well in advance.

Follow-up Meeting Plan

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